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Will NEET 2021 be cancelled in Tamil Nadu – NEET latest news

If you are wondering, is it possible that the DMK would exclude Tamil Nadu medical aspirants from the NEET exam? To put it another way, Tamil Nadu students do not need to take NEET in order to get admission to medical colleges inside Tamil Nadu. However, if a student desires to enter a medical college outside of Tamil Nadu, they may do so by taking the NEET exam.

10 qualities of a successful NEET student – NEET UG 2021

Here i am goin to share some of my experiences and qualities that I discovered through the NEET coaching process. I also added some of the pro tips, how I overcome a few distractions, and the strategies to follow every quality. So this is the post that I would have read when I started NEET coaching years ago and these are the 10 qualities of a successful NEET student. So relax, take a seat in a chair, get a cup of coffee, and let's get started...