Shantelle Mabry, woman killed in Milwaukee shooting

Shantelle Mabry shot to death (Source: Facebook)
Shantelle Mabry killed in Milwaukee shooting. (Source: Facebook)


The Milwaukee Police Department is looking into the gunshot that killed Shantelle Mabry on Friday evening. Police in Milwaukee are looking into the situation as a possible murder. Concerned citizens on the internet want to know why Shantelle Mabry was killed. The neighborhood is in sorrow and there are pleas for assistance. Here is a detailed explanation of all you need to know about the murder.


Shantelle Mabry dead: What happened?

According to Milwaukee Police, Shantelle Mabry was fatally shot Friday night at about 11:30. The woman passed away in the hospital from her wounds. Investigations continue this morning to determine the shooting’s location.

At this time, police have no suspects. But rumors claim that a man proposed to Shantelle Mabry, but she refused him. And so the man killed her because he was unable to handle the rejection. So far, not all of the information on the suspect and what happened has been made public.

Shantelle Mabry was a Registered Medical Assistant and digital creator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She resided in Rockford, Illinois until her death. Her pals also referred to her as Finesse, FinesseFoxx, and ChinkFace.

She has completed enough coursework to apply for the CNA, CMA, CMAA, and RMA licenses. She recently submitted her first application for a nursing facility in Milwaukee as an MA. She was getting ready to work as a nurse for the Special Olympics, which were taking place in Chula Vista Wisconsin Dells from September 8–10. Unfortunately, she was murdered, shortening her life tragically.

Help the Investigation!

The matter is currently being looked into by Milwaukee police. Police are urging anyone with information to call them at 414-935-7360 or Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS as the investigation is still underway.

Community mourns

Friends and family of Shantelle feel that she didn’t deserve to die at all and are deeply devastated to hear of her passing.

The circumstances behind Shantelle’s death are still being investigated by authorities. Families and friends of Shantelle are undoubtedly devastated by the news, and the locality is appalled by the senseless loss.

Condescensions have come in from all over the neighborhood after the news of Shantelle’s death saddened her mother Shelia Mabry and friends, as is understandable. On social media, a lot of individuals have sympathized with and offered assistance to Shantelle’s family at this difficult moment.


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