Ryan Marlow from Ryan’s Recovery lost his grandmother, Cause of death Explained

Ryan Marlow from Ryan's Recovery lost his grandmother, Cause of death Explained

Ryan Marlow from Ryan’s Recovery lost his grandmother. Let’s see more details about what happened to Ryan’s Grandma and her cause of death.

What Happened to Ryan’s Grandma?

According to Ryan’s Recovery Page, Ryan’s grandmother was hospitalized two days prior with pneumonia.

My mom does as well and is pretty sick. Please pray for quick recoveries and that others giving care would stay well. I’m thankful for a family that serves so selflessly.

Ryan’s grandma Margie is in the hospital back home with pneumonia and other issues and is not doing well. Please pray for a healing touch from God. I know Ryan would love to hug her neck again and certainly despises being so far away.

Found out last night that Ryan has another UTI. The doctor thinks this could possibly explain the major increase in muscle tone throughout his body. Other than that, he’s doing amazing! Getting stronger every day on his right side, with oral movements and even throughout his core! Yesterday he sat on edge of the mat and supported his weight for over 30 seconds!

BIG day of therapy ahead today with 5 sessions on the schedule! Pray for stamina! Still praying for the healing of tissue and nerves to regain use of the left side of his body, the right side of his face, and to wean off the vent so he can begin to swallow and talk again! GOD CAN!


Ryan’s Grandma’s Cause of Death

Ryan’s Recovery announced the demise of Ryan’s Grandma on his Facebook Page.

Ryan’s grandma Margie passed away this morning. Please pray for her daughters Kathy and Debbie and the rest of the family. Please pray for Ryan. I dreaded telling him so badly. I can’t imagine the pain he feels knowing he won’t be able to go to her funeral, and he won’t be singing and preaching as she wanted.

He couldn’t speak to say goodbye. She couldn’t speak to say goodbye. But I’m thankful the Lord allowed Ryan to sign he loved her through a video a couple of days ago… and she smiled.

So as the source revealed that Margie Passed away today morning after being hospitalized with Pneumonia.

About Ryan’s Grandma

She is an extremely kind person. Everyone remembers her sense of humor. Grandma and Grandpa Ryan were contentedly residing in Altus. She used to send her friends and family a lot of Christmas cards.

Margie had a lot of heartache in her lifetime. She lost her husband, the love of her life, Frank many years ago. She also lost a daughter and a son (Ryan’s dad Raymond) just 4 years ago. But she never lost her sense of humor. She and Ryan could go on with one another and it was fun to watch. I’m so thankful for the promise of Heaven!

Who is Ryan Marlow?

Ryan Marlow, 37, North Carolina Preacher. A Wilkes County pastor who was once declared dead but who’s alive is becoming more responsive, according to his family. Ryan Marlow’s wife, Megan Marlow told WXII 12 that she and her family have been in Tennessee getting additional care for her husband since late September.

It must be divine intervention. He was rushed to the hospital late last month after contracting the foodborne bacterial illness listeria. The father of three suffered severe swelling in his brain and eventually slipped into a coma. He is still in Coma. His Friends and families are Keeping him in their Prayers every day.

“It’s really neat to be able to watch the process. A lot of joy in being able to see him do that and see where the Lord has taken him, you know, from having a death certificate to he’s looking at me right now with one eye open tracking me when I move. It’s just amazing,” Marlow said.

Tributes Posted On Social Media

Susan Randy Posted

Oh, my word!! So very sorry for this space in your lives. Please remember that God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. May your happy memories sustain you in the coming difficult days.
She is happy with God and the love of her life. Blessings to you all.

Karen Bullock Posted

So very sorry for the loss of the sweet grandma. Lifting all of you in prayer and especially her children and Ryan who is unable to honor his grandma’s request. But, I too, am thankful for the promise of Heaven where we as believers will all be together in perfect bodies. May y’all feel the arms of our Heavenly Father surrounding you.

Karen Warren Posted a Deep and Long message

Sorry for Ryan’s grandmother’s passing. The past four years have been incredibly difficult for you and Ryan. Karen began keeping an eye on your family as you all boarded the aircraft to travel for the surgery necessary to save your darling baby girl’s life. I was up all night sobbing and praying. I was so relieved to learn how much better they had improved in just a few hours.

Since then, I’ve been praying for your family. every Sunday, I listened to your church service. Due to the risk of COVID, the flu, and RSV, my doctors advise against my being in large gatherings. I am 74 years old and have renal failure, and other health issues. I am a widowed 40-year-old.

Karen has survived everything thanks to God. I have a great-grandson, a granddaughter, and two grandchildren. I’ll keep saying prayers for everyone. Regarding those three adorable children of yours and Ryan, I feel like family. I shall see your entire family on the other side if I don’t get to meet them first. Keep going and never forget that GOD IS GOOD!

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