Ron Peno died, How did the Australian rock singer die? Cause of death & obituary

Ron Peno cause of death. (Source: Facebook)
Ron Peno cause of death. (Source: Facebook)


The singer of the rock group Died Pretty, Ron S. Peno, a self-taught musician whose dark twist on guitar pop made them a mainstay on the Australian touring circuit in the 1980s and 1990s, has passed away.  He has produced some amazing records.

Ron was a fascinating exception in the music industry, where creativity is rarely found.  Watching Ron perform on stage had a special quality. Those that had the good fortune to meet him several times will undoubtedly miss him. Our thoughts are with his family, fellow band members, and other friends.

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Who was Ron Peno?

Australian rock vocalist Ronald Stephen Valentine Peno, also known by the stage names Ron S. Peno and Ronnie Pop, headed Died Pretty from 1983 to 2002. Prior to that, he played in the early punk band the Hellcats (1976–77), the 31st (in Brisbane, 1979–81), and Screaming Tribesmen (1981).

Midway during the 1950s, in Gosford, Ron Peno was born. He created the band name Virgin Frogs while attending secondary school in Narrabri.

Peno temporarily joined the Frozen Stiffs as Ronny Pop on lead vocals and Charlie Georges on lead guitar. Peno and Georges made an attempt at songwriting; “I tried to write something but nothing came of it. I don’t know why – we’d have a verse or a chorus, but it never went beyond that.”

In 1979, Peno moved to Brisbane and started a hard rock band called the 31st with Chris Welsh on drums, Tony Robertson (ex-Credits) on bass guitar, and co-lead vocalist and guitarist Mick Medew. In the middle of 1980, lead guitarist Brad Shepherd (ex-Fun Things) joined them. “Igloo” and “Stand Alone” were co-written by Peno and Medew for the band.

The 31st separated in the beginning of 1981, and Peno and Medew started Screaming Tribesmen, who played “Igloo” and “Stand Alone” as their songs. The initial lineup, though, “didn’t work out.” Members of the End, another Brisbane-based organisation, were informed by Peno.

After the breakup of that band in 1983, Peno created the rock band Final Solution in April with the help of former Super K keyboardist Frank Brunetti and The End, No Dance lead guitarist Brett Myers. Their first drummer was Radio Birdman’s Briefly Younger. They changed their name to Died Pretty following five performances in Brisbane.

The group moved to Sydney, where they were joined by former members of the End Jonathan Lickliter on bass guitar and Colin Barwick on drums.

His Albums

After signing with Citadel Records, whose in-house producer was Younger, Died Pretty released their debut song, “Out of the Unknown” (April 1984). Peno and Myers, the group’s cornerstones, contributed to the song’s writing.

Before splitting up in the middle of 2002, they released eight studio albums: Free Dirt in August 1986, Lost in June 1988, Every Brilliant Eye in April 1990, Doughboy Hollow in August 1991, Trace in September 1993, Sold in February 1996, and Everydaydream in November 2000.

Died Pretty bandmates, including Ron Peno, second from right. (Source:
Died Pretty bandmates, including Ron Peno, second from right. (Source:


After Died Pretty, Peno joined Darling Downs (2004), followed by Myers’ band Noises and Other Voices (2006), and he collaborated with Kim Salmon on an song.

Later, he was the frontman for Ron S Peno & the Superstitions, who have three albums under their belt: Guiding Light (2017), Anywhere and Everything Is Bright (2013), and Future Universe (2011).

How did Ron Peno die?

On Facebook, the rock groups Died Pretty and Ron S Peno & The Superstitions announced the passing of founding member and partner Ronald “Ron” Stephen Peno.

The band claims that on August 11, 2023, Ron Peno was declared deceased in his South Yarra, Melbourne, residence.

Died Pretty Rock Band wrote,


With great sadness we announce the passing of our singer Ron S Peno who left us peacefully on Friday evening in the presence of his loving wife Charity and his son Zebadiah, at his home in South Yarra, Melbourne.

For the last four and a half years as he battled cancer, Ron displayed a resolute positivity and a profound depth of character that has proved inspirational to his fellow band members, manager and many friends. In the face of adversity he was towering.

For the 40 years Ron entertained us as Died Pretty’s frontman he was never less than always charismatic. He has provided warm and enduring memories for those who shared the stage with him and for his audience. For many he is the soundtrack of their lives. He leaves us a legacy of extraordinary recordings that will continue to be treasured into the future.

Our hearts go out to Charity, Zebadiah and all his family and friends at this time. Ron will be sorely missed. The world will be a smaller place without him.

Ron’s family and Died Pretty would like to thank his medical team at St Vincent’s Hospital, the Calvary Bethlehem palliative care team, Support Act and everyone who made a donation or sent a message of love during Ron’s time of need.”

The rock group Ron S Peno & The Superstitions stated that they felt immensely honored to have worked with Ron to write, produce, and play music. We have lost a cultural icon, a daring, fearless, one-of-a-kind artist, and a world-class performer and musician because of his completely uniqueness and honesty.

Ron S Peno & The Superstitions Band wrote,

“We are very sad and heartbroken to say that our musical compadre and dear friend, Ron, passed away last night. He finally succumbed to the cancer that had plagued him for the past 4 1/2 years. Throughout this time he always showed his indomitable spirit and wonderful, life affirming sense of humour. We feel incredibly honoured to have been able to create, compose and perform music with Ron. He was totally unique, totally honest – we have lost a cultural icon; a brave, fearless, one of a kind artist and superlative performer and musician. Our deepest condolences go out to Charity, Zebadiah, Kylie, his family, and to all his friends, fans and supporters across the world.

Farewell Ron, we love you.

The Superstitions (Cam, Mark, Andy & Tim)”

Over the course of his 40-year career as a frontman, Ron never lacked charisma. For those who shared the stage with him as well as his audience, he has left behind warm and enduring memories.

He provides many people with their soundtrack for life. He leaves behind a legacy of outstanding recordings that will be treasured for years to come.

At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with Charity, Zebadiah, and all of his family and friends. Ron will be greatly missed. Without him, the world will be a smaller place.


Ron Peno cause of death

At his house in South Yarra, Melbourne, on August 11, 2023, Ron Peno passed away from cancer in the presence of his wife Charity and son Zebadiah. He was 68.

On February 14, 2019, it was revealed that Peno had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and that all planned Died Pretty performances would be canceled while he received medical treatment. He “stands strong to beat it,” according to another message on the band’s Instagram page.

Peno successfully finished treatment in August 2019, and the oesophageal tumor was surgically removed. His body has been cleared of any cancer, according to medical personnel.

Unfortunately, it was found that the illness had spread to his brain at the beginning of 2021. Ever the model patient, Ron fought through his illness with dignity, optimism, tenacity, and plain grit.

As he fought cancer for the past four and a half years, Ron demonstrated a steadfast optimism and a tremendous depth of character that served as an example to his bandmates, management, and numerous friends. He stood tall in the face of difficulty.

The medical staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital, the palliative care team at Calvary Bethlehem, Support Act, and everyone who donated money or gave well wishes during Ron’s difficult time are all thanked by Ron’s family and Died Pretty.


Tributes to Ron Peno

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

John Broughton wrote: “Vale-Ron Peno. What a horrid week it’s been losing some great ones and now we have the news of the passing of one of the great frontmen to grace the stage in this country the truly charismatic Ron Peno who fronted the much loved Died Pretty through it’s existence and also left us with a superb catalogue of solo works as well. A brilliant songwriter, unique singer and a captivating live performer. Ron had only just relocated to Melbourne when I interviewed him on my program and he was still settling in to his new home town, but in the years that followed he certainly became an integral part of the Melbourne music scene and what now stands as his final album 2021’s Do the Understanding was one of his finest works.”

Craig Tigwell wrote: “Dammit, cancer has robbed us of a true great. Ron S Peno, lead singer in Died Pretty and more recently Ron S Peno & The Superstitions had charisma to burn and their shows always memorable. He’s made some incredible albums and I was lucky to meet him numerous times and will definitely miss him. My heart goes out to his family, band mates and other friends.”



One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends.

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