Rohana Jalil death: How did the the singer die? Cause of death explained

Rohana Jalil
Rohana Jalil passed away at 68


Rohana Jalil, a well-known vocalist from the 1980s, passed away on June 20, 2023. Let’s see how did the singer die and her cause of death in detail.

How did Rohana Jalil die?

Rohana Jalil, a popular 80’s singer died at UKM’s Chancellor Tuanku Muhriz’s Hospital (HCTM). Fellow artist Zur Eda, confirmed that Rohana passed away in the presence of her family.

The 68-year-old passed away at 11.33 p.m. surrounded by her family after being admitted to the hospital on April 18 for treatment of an intestinal perforation, according to BH Online.

Her manager, who goes by the name Jepun, announced that Rohana, or her true name Dara Abdul Jalil, would be buried today at Tanah Perkuburan Islam USJ21, Subang Jaya, before Zuhur prayers.

For final prayers, her body would be carried to Masjid Al-Falah, USJ9, Subang Jaya, and anyone wishing to pay their respects might do so, said Jepun.

Who was Rohana Jalil?

Rohana began singing in the late 1970s, and when she took first place in the 1981 Bintang RTM singing competition, she assured her place in the local entertainment scene.

After winning at Bintang RTM in 1980, the Kota Tinggi, Johor native started working in the entertainment industry.

Since then, she has released 20 albums, and Rayuan Ku, Resah Ku, Kerana Dia Kita Terpisah, Faez, and Jauh Terkenang are some of her best-known songs.

Rohana Jalil cause of death:

Rohana passed away after suffering from illness. She had been receiving treatment for an intestinal perforation at the same hospital since April 18 prior to this. She had undergone surgery for a leaky gut.

Although her health was said to have deteriorated and she suddenly became unconscious, she had previously been stable.

It was said that Rohana had been unconscious since noon on Tuesday, and doctors had instructed relatives to assemble at 5 o’clock.

She left behind three daughters, including Syakila Nisha, better known as Kilafairy, and her spouse Jahangir Khan.

On Instagram, Shakira Idora said that after Zohor today, prayers for her mother would be offered at the USJ9 Al-Falah Mosque. After that, Rohana would be buried at the USJ22 Muslim Cemetery.


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