Ray Rice, Scottsburg radio station owner dies, cause of death revealed


 Ray Rice, Scottsburg radio station owner dies, cause of death revealed

Mexican radio station owner Ray Rice from Scottsburg passes away at the hospital. A few days before his family pleaded to bring him home after being suffered from an emergency. And we learned tonight Scottsburg radio station owner, Ray Rice, has passed away after suffering a stroke on a cruise and being medically evacuated from Mexico to a Texas hospital. Let’s see what happened to him exactly and Ray Rice cause of death in detail.

How did Ray Rice die?

After initially experiencing a stroke in Mexico, the owner of a radio station in southern Indiana passed away on Sunday night. Amy Nichols, Ray Rice’s daughter, claims that her father passed away at 7:30 p.m.

Ray Rice cause of death

In a message, Nichols said, “For those of you who prayed so hard, please know your prayers were felt and answered. Rice initially experienced a stroke while sailing with Virgin Voyages in the Caribbean.

For an ambulance to transport him for five hours to a hospital in Playa del Carmen, he had to wait until the next day. Rice was paralyzed as a result of the stroke; he was unable to speak or move. Thus Ray Rice cause of death was revealed as complications from a stroke.

He arrived back in the country earlier this week and was transferred to the McAllen Hospital in Texas, which is located close to the border. They would transport him to a hospital in Louisville as their next action.

For the past 30 years, Rice, the owner of 105.3 Scottsburg, has coordinated the “We Care” Christmas drive, which provides coats and other winter essentials to underprivileged local schoolchildren. The family first created a GoFundMe page to help them pay for his return to the United States. Click here to donate.


What happened to Ray Rice on the cruise?

Rice fighting for his life in Mexico after suffering a stroke

An owner of a radio station in southern Indiana is fighting for his life in Mexico, and his family is frantically attempting to return him to the United States.

Ray was recently on vacation on a cruise ship in the Caribbean when he experienced high blood sugar affecting his diabetes, became infected by COVID, had a stroke, and contracted pneumonia. After the cruise ship docked in Mexico, he has transported to a hospital 5 hours away in Mexico.

However, his daughter has encountered a significant obstacle in getting him admitted to a hospital in the US after Ray Rice had a stroke while on a cruise, and his trip turned into a nightmare.

His daughter Amy Nichols stated, “He’s stuck in Mexico, and we don’t know how to get him back.” Nichols had no idea that she would be attempting to arrange for her father’s medical evacuation from Mexico during the early days of 2023.

‘Just want him home’ 

We just need to bring him home, she added, adding that the procedure had been “an awful, horrible one.” Rice experienced a stroke last Thursday while sailing with his partner on a Virgin Voyages ship through the Caribbean.

According to Nichols, an ambulance that would have taken him five hours to Amerimed Hospital in Playa del Carmen had to wait until the ship docked the following day.

According to Nichols, the ambulance firm demanded $6,000 in payment for the ambulance. “The hospital wanted $3,000 simply to administer the first antibiotic to him.”

The family was forced to pay so that the hospital could start providing care. Rice suffered a stroke and is now unable to speak or move. Rice’s air ambulance ride to a hospital in Florida will cost $25,000. But now there’s a new issue. Nichols stated, “My father doesn’t have health insurance.” “He’s always paid for that out of pocket.”

His family Pleads to bring him back home

Rice’s family is unable to locate a hospital in the US that will take him. Radio broadcaster Ray Rice is in Scottsburg with his family. It has never been a problem, but clearly, it is now, according to Nichols. “Because of that, none of the hospitals we’ve spoken to will admit him. They claim to be at capacity.”

According to one American hospital, Nichols would need to make a $250,000 upfront deposit, which she cannot afford.  But most importantly, Nichols continued, “He’s my dad, and I just want him home.” They are now requesting prayers and financial assistance.

Nichols claims she learned on Monday that she must pay an extra $21,000 to the Mexican hospital for him to continue receiving care. There is a  GoFundMe campaign set up to assist the family. Click here to donate. Nichols merely wanted him to come home. I want him to go home and receive the care he requires.

Who was Ray Rice?

Ray Rice is the proprietor of I105.3, the person in charge of We Care in Scottsburg, Indiana, and the renowned and illustrious Chicken Man with the Scottsburg Band of Warriors.

A radio station playing country music is WMPI (105.3 FM). The station, which has a license in Scottsburg, Indiana, serves the Louisville, Kentucky, region. DR Rice Broadcasting, Inc. now owns the station. He is a wonderful friend, a father, a grandfather, and a son.

For the past 30 years, Rice, who owns Scottsburg’s 105.3 FM, has coordinated the “We Care” Christmas drive, which provides coats and other winter essentials to underprivileged local schoolchildren.

His family is already collaborating with the offices of Indiana Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun as well as the American consulate in Mexico.




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