Myrkl supplement side effects – Hangover prevention pill Explained

Myrkl supplement side effects

Within 30 minutes of drinking, the Swedish-made Myrkl supplement promises to cut the blood’s alcohol content in half. Let’s see what are Myrkl supplement side effects.

In Britain, a medication for preventing hangovers that promises to give users clear thinking the morning after a night out on the town has gone on sale.

The Myrkl supplement can be bought online for £30 for 30 capsules. For the best results, take two tablets one hour before drinking. According to scientists, it continues to break down alcohol in the body for up to 12 hours.

The supplement won’t be sold in stores, but Brits can get the tablets online from Myrkl.

Myrkl supplement side effects

In a study published last month, researchers from the producer, the Swedish pharmaceutical company De Faire Medical, and the Pfützner Science & Health Institute in Mainz found that taking the tablets beforehand cut the blood alcohol levels in half within 30 minutes of drinking.

70% of the blood alcohol level had been reduced after an hour.

The probiotic tablet includes two common vitamins plus the bacterium Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis, which break down germs quickly (L-Cysteine and Vitamin B12).

According to the producer, each ingredient has received approval from organisations in charge of overseeing food safety. The MHRA does not need to approve the tablets because they are not classified as medicines.

How many countries launch Myrkl?

According to Hkan Magnusson, CEO of Myrkl, his product is the first-ever pre-drinking hangover medication to be sold.

We are delighted to be launching this ground-breaking product in the UK and in other European markets, he added, noting that it is the first time in history that a consumer product has been proven to effectively and quickly break down alcohol.

“Moderate social drinking is a big part of British society, and most Britons go out every week to have a few drinks with friends.

How many people received myrkl pill?

Twelve people received the Myrkl pill, the rest received a placebo, and each took two capsules daily for a week. Then, on the day of the trial, they consumed a “moderate” glass of vodka along with a light breakfast.

Therefore, Myrkl’s goal is to assist habitual moderate drinkers, whether they are hard-working professionals, newlyweds, or older citizens who wish to keep up an active social life, to wake up the next day feeling their best.

“Independent clinical studies demonstrate how effectively this substance breaks down alcohol.

Is Myrkl a game-changing product?

“Myrkl is a game-changing product for those frequent moderate drinkers, and we can’t wait for the British public to test it out,” the company stated. “However, Myrkl is in no way designed as an excuse to drink above NHS standards.”

The 24 participants were divided in half for the scientific study that demonstrated the pill’s efficacy and was published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insights.


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