How did MP Patrick Okabe die? Road accident and cause of death explained


In an accident this morning, Bishop Patrick Okabe of Impact Ministries in Mbale and MP Serere passed away. Let’s examine the details of the road accident and the death of MP Patrick Okabe.


Patrick Okabe road accident: Explained

Bishop Patrick Okabe, a representative for Serere county, was killed in a car accident on the Mbale-Tirinyi road, according to reliable reports.

The politician was traveling in a Land Cruiser with the registration number UBK 995F when it collided with a truck with the Kenyan registration number KCX 0710K at about 7 a.m. On Monday, according to ASP Immaculate Alaso, the Bukedi North Police Spokesperson.

The Isuzu box body driver has been blamed for the accident

The driver of the Isuzu box body, who strayed from his side to the side of the Landcruiser traveling from Mbale to Iganga and collided head-on, has been blamed for the accident, according to Alaso.

The politician passed away immediately, according to the Bukedi North police spokesperson, while his wife, Christine Okabe, was taken to the Mbale regional referral hospital in severe condition but eventually passed away.

The Land Cruiser’s driver, Jacob, is still in serious condition at the regional referral hospital in Mbale. According to ASP Alaso, While inquiries into the accident’s true cause continue, the truck’s driver is currently on the run.

Who was Patrick Okabe?

Bishop Patrick Okabe (NRM) represents Serere County in the House of Representatives. Since his election in 2016, Okabe has hardly ever spoken on the floor of the House of Representatives, but our Parliament snipers have frequently spotted him in the halls of the House of Representatives talking about “how to make more money” with a couple of his fellow Teso MPs.

The majority of Serere’s schools are in disrepair, but the local MP has never expressed any concern about this issue. One of the schools, Nananga Community Primary School, is in a concerning condition because there is only one pit latrine on the property, which is used by both teachers and students, and there are no desks, blackboards, or classrooms.

Community members created the school, but the government later took over. Opio Joseph Linos was defeated in the 2016 elections by Okabe, however, the Electoral Commission declared Okabe’s victory invalid due to a violation of the electoral regulations (EC).

Mr. Opio, who was defeated by Okabe, filed a court lawsuit contesting the election results. He said that to ratify Mr. Okabe’s nomination, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Electoral Commission broke the law.

Mr. Opio contended at the petition hearing that Mr. Okabe lacked the academic credentials necessary to serve as a member of parliament and that the elections had not been held legally.

Additionally, he claimed that the EC deprived his followers’ opportunity to vote because his picture, name, and party emblem were purposefully left off the ballot.

It was said that Okabe used two separate names—Patrick Okabe for nominations and Ocen Oliba Patrick for academic papers—during his senior year at Ayer Secondary School.

However, the court of appeals reversed the verdict because Mr. Opio lacked the authority to question Okabe’s victory because there was no proof that he was legitimately chosen as a candidate to run in the recently held elections.

Quick Facts of MP Patrick Okabe 

Okabe, 65, took the PLE at Atiira Primary School in 1972 and the UCE at Ayer College in 1976.

He holds a Pentecostal Bible Training Center Advanced Diploma in Bible Theology.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 1992 from Pan African Christian University. Additionally, he has a master’s degree in divinity.

In Parliament, he sits in the Committee On Rules, Privileges, And Discipline, and Committee On Gender Labour And Social Development.

Patrick Okabe road accident



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