Morgan Wallen shaved his Mullet, What happened to the singer? Watch video


Morgan Wallen shaved his Mullet
Morgan Wallen Shaved Head; (Photo via TikTok)


Morgan Wallen completely shocked his audience at his most recent performance on Friday, August 11, when he took the stage at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, without his trademark mullet.

Social media users commented on Wallen’s bald head. How do you feel? Share your opinions with us below in the comments section. Let’s now go into the specifics of why Morgan Wallen cut off his Mullet and what happened to the singer.

Morgan Wallen shaved his Signature Mullet

The new style was unveiled by Morgan Wallen on Friday, August 11, at Columbus’ Ohio Stadium. He is now touring the world with One Night At A Time.


He entered the stage in blue jeans, a bright red hat, and a casual white T-shirt. His hair was completely covered by the hat. He also debuted a newly shaved face.

Shortly after taking the platform, he addressed the issue of his trademark mullet being lost. Wallen won’t reveal the whole style until he posts a photo without the cap, but the mullet is definitely gone.

Morgan Wallen’s told the audience,

“Before we get any further… I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off,” 

Morgan Wallen on the history of his mullet

The Last Night singer has been known for sporting a long brown mullet for years, and it has a sweet background story. The distinctive hairdo entails cutting the hair longer in the back and shorter at the front, top, and sides.

He suddenly uncovered a wedding picture of his father with a mullet while browsing through one of his parents’ photo albums. For the duration of his visit, he recalled, “I went back home to my parent’s house and I ended up looking at photo albums, just trying to take a trip down memory lane.”

“My father had a mullet when they got married. My dad and I have a lot of characteristics. Considering that he is one of my closest friends, I thought, “Man, if Dad could do it, I will do it.” “I did it, and it instantly became this phenomenon.

I just didn’t expect that at all, but it’s now a part of my brand,” he concluded. Wallen stated that it “wasn’t some plan to come up with a gimmick” and continued, “I just wanted to try it; I ended up liking it, and people started liking it.”

Fans’ reaction to Wallen’s new look

As the word circulated, the internet erupted with responses. Fans’ reactions to Wallen’s sudden choice to adopt a new look appear to be conflicted. Below are some responses from his fans.

Teresa Self wrote,

Love this young man either way! It’s hair folks! It will grow back! I loved the mullet too! Love the smile, voice, and music!! It’s summertime, hot, and his hair!

Renee Aser wrote,

I didn’t love his mullet but also don’t love this. Maybe it’s the drastic difference. I like clean cuts but not shaved.

Abigail Johnson wrote,

I still love him but I tell myself he just looks like a thirty-year-old hot dad which in this case I’m willing to buy a hoodie that says I hot dads. My heart is broken but still have him as my wallpaper.

Shawn Sizemore wrote,

FACT No. 1 bald has always been beautiful. We don’t need some. Nashville panty dropper claiming to be making bald heads great again. THEYVE ALWAYS BEEN GREAT bye bye mullet boy Danielle Marks

Mary Katherine Smith wrote,

Good riddance to the mullet, that never looks good on anyone. Not sure why he went bald though.


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