Missing: What happened to Jennifer Burns and Jessica Burns? Know everthing about 6 and 9 year-old children from McKinney, Texas

Jennifer and Jessica Burns were alleged to have been kidnapped in McKinney and to be in “severe or imminent danger,” according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, which issued an Amber Alert early on Friday morning. Let’s see What happened to Jennifer Burns and Jessica Burns in detail.


Missing: What happened to Jennifer Burns and Jessica Burns?

Early on Friday, an AMBER Alert was issued for two missing girls from McKinney.

According to the alert, Jessica Burns, 9, and Jennifer Burns, 6, were last seen in the vicinity of 320 North Central Expressway in McKinney just before 6 o’clock on Thursday. Around one am on Friday, the alert was issued.

The alert stated that according to law enforcement, the girls were “in grave or immediate danger.”

Officials described the car involved in the alert as a black SUV with a white scrape on the front, silver door handles, and a black interior despite the lack of details.

Identity details of Jessica and Jennifer Burns:

Jessica Burns, who is roughly 90 pounds and stands 4 feet 10 inches tall, was last seen wearing dark-framed glasses, a scarlet long-sleeve blouse, and black shoulders and sleeves.

Amber Alert issued by Missingkids.org

The last time anyone saw Jennifer Burns, who is 4 feet tall and weighs 60 pounds, she was wearing blue trousers, a light blue shirt with a sparkling design on the front, and purple-framed spectacles.

Amber Alert issued by Missingkids.org

Suspect details:

The alert identified Jame Burns, a 60-year-old woman, as the suspect.

The alert stated that Jame Burns, who is 5 feet, 2 inches and weighs 230 pounds, was last seen with black attire on. The case does not yet have more details available.

Call the McKinney Police Department at 972-547-2700 if you have any information on their disappearance.



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