Missing Girl: What happened to Paige from Lincoln? Police appealing for help

Missing Girl: What happened to Paige from Lincoln? Police appealing for help

Paige, a girl from Lincoln, was last seen leaving school in the Swan Pool neighborhood around 2:45 on Thursday. She reported Missing. Let’s find out what happened to Paige from Lincoln and How the Police appealed for help.

What happened to Paige from Lincoln

She attended school in the Swan pool neighborhood of the city yesterday, November 10, but failed to get home at the scheduled time. An acquaintance last saw Paige leaving school at around 2.45 p.m., according to the police. Around 5 feet 7 inches tall, with a thin body, shoulder-length brown hair, and green eyes, Paige is characterized.

She is believed to be carrying her black knapsack with the Adidas emblem and inscription, along with her school uniform of a black quilted coat with a fur hood, a white shirt, and black trousers.

Police appealing for Help

Early this morning, Lincolnshire Police posted a picture of Paige on its social media pages. Police are asking anyone who has seen her or knows where she could be to call 101 as soon as possible and reference incident number 506.

A 13-year-old girl who went missing in Lincoln after going to school is being sought by police. On November 10, the day after attending school in the Swan pool neighborhood of the city, the child, Paige, did not arrive at her house at the scheduled time. When she left school at around 2.45 p.m., a buddy last saw her.

With shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and a thin body, Paige is described as being about 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her school uniform, which consists of a black blazer, a white shirt, and black pants, as well as a black quilted coat with a fur hood and a black bag with the Adidas emblem and writing, are believed to still be on her personal.

Desperate search for the girl

COPS have launched a desperate search for a 13-year-old girl who vanished from school in her uniform. what happened to Paige from Lincoln, Police are appealing for help to find the teen, who was reported missing after leaving school.

Police are requesting the public’s help in finding a missing teen. 15-year-old Paige Creer is a native of the island’s south. The officers say she’s not in trouble, but they still need to make sure she’s okay. If anyone has seen Paige anywhere, call police headquarters at (631) 221-1212 immediately. We are looking for 15-year-old Paige CREER from the South of the Island so we can talk to her. Although she is not in danger, we still need to check on her.

The Lincoln Policing Department is dedicated to offering top-notch police services that support a secure community. The Lincoln Dispatch Center is situated inside the same building as the Police Department, and the Lincoln Police Department serves the whole City of Lincoln. Although it typically takes emergency calls from within Lincoln’s city borders, the Lincoln dispatch center also helps anyone who needs medical or law enforcement assistance elsewhere in Placer County.

UPDATE – Paige has been found.

Reports say that Paige has been found. We are relieved to report that missing Paige has been found safe and well.



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