Maristella Tinti death: Beloved Sanluri Veterinary doctor died by Suicide


Maristella Tinti  Beloved Sanluri Veterinary doctor died by Suicide

A beloved Sanluri Veterinary doctor died, Marcello Lampis & Maristella Tinti together in the above image (Source: Facebook)

The veterinary loved by all who treated animals in Sanluri has passed away. We will pay silence and respect for a great woman who, with her husband Marcello, has cared for so many animals.

Maristella Tinti was one of those people who put their heart into their work, who would have deserved a long, peaceful life, and would have continued to help and care With love our 4-legged critters.

Maristella Tinti is a beloved member of her community and her loss has left them all in shock and grief. His kindness, generosity, and dedication to her profession will never be forgotten.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Maristella Tinti family during this difficult time. Read ahead to know more about her and Maristella Tinti’s death.

Maristella Tinti death

Maristella Tinti, an esteemed veterinarian in Sanluri, in her clinic, has died by suicide. She had recently decided to reopen the studio, after the bad period caused by the death of her husband Marcello Lampis.

Veterinarian Marcello Lampis passed away in February of this year as a result of a chronic illness. After a few months away, now his wife and another vet from the same studio, Maristella Tinti, have rejoined him today.

A long-lasting love that is so strong that it somehow gets past even the death barrier. Those who believe in the illusory concept of the “afterlife” are united both in this life and in the one that follows.

She had so much suffering in these months without her loved one, the love of her life, but now finally together, goodbye doctor, how much sweetness towards your dear fur babies, we will never forget, but now finally happy with his love, forever together.

After the recent passing of veterinarian Dr. Marcello Lampis di Sanluri, his wife Maristella Tintii, who is also a veterinarian, has just posted a beautiful personal announcement on his Facebook profile:

“Marcello sent me back! I wanted to reassure everyone, I’m trying to get better as soon as possible to reopen the clinic and continue what is the most beautiful and important work for me and Marcello, I’ll continue for him too! Thank you for all the affection you have shown me, you will be my strength! “ Welcome back dear doctor, In this world, we will never forget Dr. Marcello, but at this moment there is still a lot of need for her and dear Marcello will always be by his side.

Online reports stated that she committed suicide as a result of her devoted husband’s unexpected death. She committed suicide because she was unable to handle the pain of losing her husband.

Read Maristella’s friend’s statement following her death

Dear Maristella, I prayed so much for you. I was hoping you could find the strength to move on and accept the loss of Marcello, but unfortunately, you didn’t.

The pain you carried day after day was too great. I’m happy to have met you and Marcello, I’m happy about the relationship we had. You weren’t just my furbabies doctor, you were so much more to all of us. I still remember that sad November night…

Ring the phone. It was a message from you. You probably needed to vent, to talk to someone, to someone to tell you not to worry that everything would be alright. You wrote to me about Marcello’s bad. And then you apologize for spilling it…

Maybe from that moment you would have needed help, the world was crashing down on you in an instant and you weren’t ready to face it all.

Everything you have done will never be forgotten, in fact, everything else. Thank you for taking care of Birba and Salem with love as if they were your little bit. You will be truly missed Marcello Lampis Maristella Tinti.

Who was Maristella Tinti?

Dr. Maristella Tinti, a special veterinarian who, in the company of his beloved Marcello Lampis, has always had a great passion to treat and above all to make animal friends feel good, reached their clinic in Sanluri.

The couple ran a veterinary studio in Sanluri, Sardinia, treating and saving hundreds of dogs and cats. Maristella and Marcello were a great couple also in their personal lives, and they practiced the veterinary profession together.

Very well known and much appreciated by everyone for always being distinguished for the special and loving-kindness, extreme skill, professionalism, availability, sensitivity, and humility, without ever leaving that healthy irony necessary in different situations.

Condolences were posted online following Maristella Tinti’s unexpected loss
Cristina Cri Mel Melis wrote,

Knowing people like you makes our lives richer and your loss creates immense pain. Marcello Lampis and Maristella Tinti, two souls of immense value, two friends, vets that will be missed R. I.P., and may the light accompany you in the new world.

Mottadelli Gianni wrote,

You will be reborn together EXISTENCE for EXISTENCE. Love brings you together from the past without beginning and it will keep you together.. for all the endless future 

L’Eco di Barbagia wrote,

At this moment I learn about the disappearance of Dr. Maristella Tinti. Only respect for a great woman who, with her husband Marcello, has cared for so many animals. To his loved ones, a big hug. We’re close to you.


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