Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling 2020

Looping rule in Tamilnadu

Unofficial Definition

A highly Injustice concept known as Looping rule is used in Tamilnadu Medical counselling that gives way to deduction of seats from OC category (Instead of deduction in community seats) even after reservation students takes seats from their own category seats.

Looping rule Procedure in Tamilnadu Medical counselling

When ever a student secures a community seat from Top college, If there is still some OC seats available at the bottom college

  • A community seat will be lost in Top college
  • A cummunity seat will be added to bottom college
  • A OC seat will be detucted from that bottom college

Bottom college’s OC seats can be deducted till 10 OC seats remaining, Then next bottom college will be used in looping

10 OC seats will not be taken until,

  • The top college OC seats exhausts and student wants community seat
  • When the 10 seats limit comes next to that top college
  • Again Karur will lose their seats from 10 OC seats to 0 OC seats

Here I have given a sample of scenario that can easily make you understand what is Looping rule that is being implemented in Tamilnadu Medical counselling


1. Before start of counselling


To understand this in better way I choose two top colleges (MMC, SMC) from the medical college rank in Tamilnadu and one bottom most college (Pudukottai). Here I have added the categories and respective seats of each of the three colleges.


Tamilnadu Medical Counselling Looping rule


2. When state rank 1 attends


Lets consider state rank 1 attends state counselling instead of getting through AIQ. So as obvious he will choose the best college in Tamilnadu. He choose MMC, so the seat will be deducted from OC irrespective of his category.


Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling


3. When state rank 57 attends


Lets consider every single one between 1 and 57 attends state counselling without loose. So as obvious everyone will take MMC. When the 57th student slected his seat at MMC, Every seats on OC will be taken out. Now MMC has seats on BC not in OC. No OC students beyond 57 can claim the seats.


Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling


4. When state rank 58 attends


When the state rank 58 attends (Consider he also wants MMC and he is a BC student). So when he take BC seats from MMC, as per the Looping rule,

  • One BC seat will be deducted from MMC BC category
  • Also one BC seat will be added in Pudukottai (means total BC seats will remain unchanged)
  • To compensate the loss, One OC seat will be deducted from Pudukottai OC category


Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling


5. When state rank 84 attends


Again consider all candidates between 59 and 84 as BC and everyone needs MMC seat (for better understanding of this concept). So whenever a student come to attend, one seat will be lost from Pudukottai OC.

Atlast when 84th student attends the counselling OC seats in Pudukottai will come to a saturation point after this no OC seats will be deducted from Pudukottai even when the upcoming students take BC seats from MMC.


Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling


6. When state rank 85 attends


When 85th student attends the counselling (also consider him as BC and he needs MMC), one seat will be deducted from MMC BC and the seat count will come from 24 to 23. As per the Looping rule,

  • No seats will be deducted from OC category of bottom colleges beyond 10, until top and bottom college meats.
  • So instead of deduction of OC seats from Pudukottai one seat will be deducted from Karur (the next bottom college placed before Pudukottai in College ranks).
  • And also One Karur BC seat will be increased to make the total BC seats in a constant manner.

Thus this thing will go on processing until the Karur OC seats attain its saturation of 10 seats. Then the next bottom college will be selected for looping. 

Once when seat taking colllege (means top college) come next to looping college (bottom college) and the looping college attains the saturation point of 10 in OC seats, The looping will be reversed to the Pudukottai again. Now all the Pudukottai OC seats will be taken without saturation (from 10 to 0). Then the next college karur will lose seats from 10 to 0. The looping will be done till every OC seats in category A taken out.


Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling


Effect of Looping rule in Tamilnadu

  1. OC cut off for MBBS and BDS will rise into its peak
  2. Other communities will get even more seats apart from open competition seats
  3. About 75% of OC seats will be taken by BC students
  4. OC category seats will be transferred to others and OC General rank will be decreased as much as possible 

Looping rule effect on Day 1 Tamilnadu Medical Counselling


1. Number of students joined through category seats


Looping rule effect on Day 1 Tamilnadu Medical Counselling


2. Looping effect in between General rank 1 to 361 


Looping rule effect on Day 1 Tamilnadu Medical Counselling


Tamilnadu Medical Counselling 23-11-2020 report :

No of candidates invited for first day of counselling (23 – 11 – 2020) = GR 361 (631 marks)

No of candidates who joined in Government colleges on 23 – 11 – 2020 = 307

No of candidates who joined in Private colleges on 23 – 11 – 2020 = 1

Total no of students taken seats through Community on day 1 = 136

Actual skippers as they joined via AIQ or to AIIMS, JIPMER…etc = 53

Actual skippers as they joined via AIQ in 2019 = 20 (All students including SC)

Note :

33 Leading this year because TN students performed better than last year

As TOI report  205 – 172 = 33 students ( Merciful souls )

Now 53 from 172 they are the sinners

33 + 53 Made a total of 86 Tamilnadu students to occupy seats via State quota

3 thoughts on “Looping rule in Tamilnadu Medical counselling 2020”

  1. Respected Sir/Madam,

    As such the reservation of 69% in Tamilnadu is exceedingly high, which itself is a total injustice to Open Quota merit students. Now, implementation of additional 7.5% reservation to Government school students in TN in MBBS admissions is almost denying MBBS admission to Open quota merit students. Needless to say, with out merit an important and noble Medical profession can not meet the purpose as the most valuable human life is involved at every stage. I have a simple question, will any body visit a Doctor based on the his/her expertise or the reservation applicable to him/her?. We all know the answer. My humble submission to respected Politicians and Authorities is, doing justice to one segment of people does not mean punishing the other segment (Meritorious student segment). Is it not violation of “right to equality under Article 14”?. If the Government still wants to support Government School students, increase the quality of education at Government schools, provide financial assistance to poor students who aspire to become doctors. The Government has direct control in these areas as more funds and infrastructure are in place. Then we will get real Medical professionals irrespective of the schools that they have come from.

    In Tamilnadu, Open quota student even after securing meritorious marks between 570-610 out of 720 (80 -85%) in NEET, may not get MBBS seat in any Government Medical Colleges . Others may get MBBS seat for securing 60% of marks also. How far this inequality that to in a very important Medical field in any manner is justified?.Let us understand that‘Merit student’ does not mean ‘Rich student’. Most of them belong to Middle class, who really can not afford to pay high fees charged by private Medical colleges. Even to sanction Education loan, Nationalised banks are demanding for “House property as Collateral security in addition to Parent’s Payslip or IT returns”. Most of the Open quota Merit Students do not have their own Houses to avail this loan. Coming to opportunist Private banks like ICICI & HDFC they charge high interest rates (Above 10%) and Parents need to pay EMI immediately from the 1st month of availing loan, which is a huge burden to most of them.

    Do a student aspire to study any education of his/her interest based on his/her Caste, Religion or Locality or State?. The answer is absolutely no, educational aspirations come naturally,probably teachers or parents may influence to a certain extent. But, how far it is justified to crush Open quota merit students’ aspirations with this kind of reservation policies and denying them even their right of education for the sin of having born to parents who does not come under any Government reservation categories. 

    The Open quota merit students also come under Tamilnadu State Government, and it is the State Government’s responsibility to protect the Open quota merit students’ educational aspirations which in turn be beneficial to the State in terms of Quality Medical system. Hence,I request the respected politicians and authorities to do the damage control. Please increase the current Medical seats for this education year 2020-21, to compensate the reduction in seats in Open quota. Please Bring a policy to arrange Education loans for Medical education with out any Collateral Security with marginal interest rates for the students who are willing to join private colleges under government quota.

    The impugned arbitrary order which is “law” within the meaning of Article 13(3)(a) violated the right to equality under Article 14 which forbids arbitrariness, and took away the equality of opportunity guaranteed under Article 16(1) by treating equals and unequals similarly. This is barred and rendered void by Article 13(2):

    The State shall not make any law which takes away or abridges the rights conferred by this Part and any law made in contravention of this clause shall, to the extent of the contravention, be void.

    If some thing called looping exists it is pathetic god only can save OC students. ARE OC STUENTS COME UNDER TN state or from some where else?

    • This is extremely disheartening. In spite of having marks FC students will be denied opportunity. Why should they loop the OC seats to BC, why cant they leave seats allocated in Open Category as it is, instead of looping and passing it on to BC. Does the government feel that Other community students should never opt for Medicine!!!!


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