Leo and Lucy Missing Updates: What happened to them in Cleethorpes beach?

In Cleethorpes, Leo and Lucy were reported missing. (Source: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk)

Following 15-year-olds Lucy and Leo reported missing on Saturday afternoon (June 24), police have revealed that two youngsters have been rescued from Cleethorpes Beach. Keep reading to know more about What happened to the 15-year-olds Lucy and Leo at Cleethorpes Beach in detail.


Leo and Lucy Missing Updates:

A 15-year-old boy and girl from Cleethorpes were reported missing, and police have provided an update. Leo and Lucy were “rescued from the sea and airlifted to hospital for medical treatment,” according to a later statement released by Humberside Police on Saturday night, around 10 pm.

A 15-year-old girl drowns after being rescued from the sea at Cleethorpes Beach.

Cleethorpes scene photos from the incident. (Source: Facebook/Grimsby News and Pictures Agency Ltd)

Lucy, 15, was retrieved from the water at Cleethorpes Beach on Saturday but died afterwards. The youngster, known locally as Lucy, and a 15-year-old boy named Leo were both taken to a hospital, but the girl eventually passed away. The boy’s condition is not known at the moment.

As of yet, no official comment has been issued regarding their conditions.


What happened to them in Cleethorpes beach?

After Lucy and Leo, both 15 years old, were reported missing on Saturday afternoon, there was a frantic search yesterday, which led to the awful news.

At around 1:30 pm today (Saturday, June 24), officers were called to Cleethorpes Beach in response to reports of two missing teens.

Although it was unknown if the two had entered the water, emergency personnel from the HM Coastguard, fire department, and police participated in the search of the Cleethorpes coastal region and sea.

During a significant rescue effort on Saturday, the emergency services found missing teens in the water. (Source: Facebook/Grimsby News and Pictures Agency Ltd)

Police reported that searches went on into this evening. Two kids were rescued from the water shortly after 7.30 p.m. on Saturday and flown to a hospital for treatment.

A police officer thanked the assistance of the public in the search.

Police in Humberside said:

“Emergency Services from HM Coastguard, fire service and police attended the search of the Cleethorpes coastal area and sea, with it unknown if the two had entered the water. Searches continued into this evening.

At just after 7.30pm this evening, two children were rescued from the sea and airlifted to hospital for medical treatment.

On behalf of HM Coastguard, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and Humberside Police, thank you to all the members of the public who assisted in the search.”


Tributes to Lucy

The site has been decorated with flowers and condolences to the girl.

At the location of the tragedy on Saturday, flowers have been placed. (Source: bbc.com)

Regarding the incident, some people left comments, while others offered Lucy tribute.

Dulcie wrote: “RIP Lucy – condolences to her friends and family ! She was a lovely girl she was in my form when I was at school and got on my bus at my bus stop 💞 xx”

Tina wrote: “This is so so sad to hear such a sad loss of a young girl,sending condolences to all her family and friends at this very sad time. Just hope Leo pulls through 💔

Chloe piper wrote: “Rest in peace lucy, She went to my school and was in a few of my lessons she was such a lovely girl and so kind. I didn’t know her as well as other people did but i do know she was a lovely girl. It’s so heartbreaking to hear, My heart goes out to her family and friends. Fly high lucy, sleep tight🕊️🩷”

Authorities are currently looking into the circumstances. The news has obviously crushed Lucy’s family and friends, and the community has been horrified by the tragic loss.


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