Kingpyn canceled their tournament after reported Bankrupt – What happened? Explained

Kingpyn canceled their tournament. (Source:

The largest boxing competition on YouTube in the world Kingpyn has canceled their event due to financial difficulties. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Is Kingpyn canceled their tournament?

AnegonGib and Jarvis’ much anticipated Semi-Final performance was planned for Saturday, July 15, 2023, at Dublin, Ireland’s 3Arena. At 6 p.m. ET, the event is set to begin.

Sadly, Kingpyn has cancelled their tournament after allegedly declaring bankruptcy, according to several sources who reported to Happy Punch.

One of the most well-known ‘cross-over’ boxing promotions in the world, Kingpyn Boxing, features celebrities from the worlds of social media, music, gaming, streaming, reality television, and adult entertainment.

The High Stakes event, which has two brackets, one for men and one for women, is billed by Kingpyn as “The World’s Biggest YouTube Boxing Tournament.” Each bracket contains eight participants.

Some thrilling matches between some of our favourite influencers took place in the quarterfinal round, and some old rivalries even made a comeback.

Notably, AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom engaged in physical combat once more after their fiery match from the previous year, which Gib won after knocking McBroom to the ground five times. The outcome was the same as the first time, with Gib winning through third-round TKO.

The boxers prepared for their subsequent fight after the quarterfinal match ended before moving on to the final for their chance at glory. In the semi-final round, AnEsonGib and Jarvis will battle for a chance to advance to the championship bout.

The following is a list of all the semi-final matchups:

  • AnEsonGib vs Jarvis

  • King Kenny vs Whinderson Nunes

  • Austin McBroom vs Tom Zanetti

  • My Mate Nate vs Filipek Marcinek

  • Elle Brooke vs Jully Poca

  • 6ar6ie6 vs Emily Brooke

  • Ms. Danielka vs Daniella Hemsley

  • Whitney Johns vs Amber O’Donnell

Gib is now paired up with British YouTuber Jarvis for the High Stakes Tournament semifinals after he defeated American YouTuber Austin McBroom and British singer Tom Zanetti. The contest is slated to take place on June 3, 2023, at Dublin, Ireland’s 3Arena. On May 8, it was revealed that Gib vs. Jarvis would now compete as the co-main event on the Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament: Semi-Finals card on July 1.

The Kingpyn Tournament Semifinals have been moved to July 15th, according to McBroom. Gib declared in a video titled “I’m quitting boxing” that he would stop competing in influencer boxing if he lost to Jarvis on June 27.

On July 5, Kingpyn apparently cancelled their tournament due to financial difficulties, and Jarvis asks that KSI host his duel against Gib on Misfits.

Gibb tweeted earlier today that the tournament video would be released at 7:30 p.m. People mistakenly believed that this video would show Annie Song Gibb handily winning the competition and warning his opponent Jarvis, but KSA actually replied to the message by asking, “KingpYn are bankrupt?.”

Following the tweet, fans started asking KSA who they thought would win the competition. KSA responded that the Kingpyn tournament would be cancelled due to bankruptcy. Many people find it hard to believe that KSA knew it would be cancelled.

Jarvis asks KSI to stage his fight against Gib on Misfits as KSI responded for the bankruptcy since he knew it would be cancelled.


Did KINGPYN Lose their PBA License just 2 weeks before their Tournament?

A little more than two weeks before Kingpyn’s “High Stakes Tournament,” which would feature well-known influencer fighters like AnEsonGib, King Kenny, and Elle Brooke, had its licence abruptly withdrawn by the PBA (Professional Boxing Association). Many followers online and many influencers in the scene were caught off guard by this news.

The PBA initially announced the news on their Instagram page (@pbaboxing), writing in the caption, “PBA has suspended Kingpyn’s PBA Promoters licence until further notice and withdrawn sanction from the upcoming KingpynBoxing tournament.” Many fans were astonished and perplexed as there was no explanation provided as to why they had suspended KingPyn’s licence and pulled their sanction from the next event.

The scenario has been evolving with fresh reports and pronouncements about it emerging every few minutes. The most recent details are comments from Kingpyn and the PBA outlining each party’s version of events:


“We’d like to update that we will be partnering with the world-renowned ISKA sanctioning body for the upcoming Kingpyn tournament.

Over the last few months, we have been making an internal decision as to which entity the Kingpyn Tournament should sit beneath and decided upon the hugely experienced ISKA, and we are delighted to now be able to announce this partnership.

As an aside, we are also aware of a recent post by the PBA stating that Kingpyn’s licence with them is ‘suspended’. We believe this to be poor choice of words, suggesting some sort of wrongdoing on Kingpyn’s part. Whereby , the reality of the situation, is that we simply had to decide upon our preferred sanctioning body for the event and selected ISKA.

We look forward to the start of our partnership on saturday 22nd April at the OVO Arena Wembley, when our 16 tournament fighters will be competing for the first ever Kingpyn belts!”

The PBA says,

“5pm was the deadline for Kingpyn to have documents to us for this tier of sanctioning, they were fully aware of this. 5pm arrived and we were not satisfied, therefore have to detach liability from the promotion.

The setup behind the scenes is absolute chaos, there is quite literally 1 person attempting to run it all. The same individual behind the chaotic and failed events Showstar. Mayweather/Deji & Mayweather/Chalmers, has no real clue what he’s doing. Unlike Misfits who are partnered with Wasserman and truly understand sanctioned Pro boxing.

The problem is that the 2 promoters and 1 event organiser from Kingpyn are from an MMA background (no governing body) and unlicensed boxing. The tier of sanctioning that we have in place requires a Pro boxing medical and everything that comes with it, the individuals behind Kingpyn have never operated at that level and cannot grasp it.”

KingPyn posted on their social media accounts shortly after the PBA announced their sanctioning and licence removal from the promoter that they would now be moving forward with the ISKA sanctioning body (International Sport Karate Association) as their sanctioning body for their upcoming “HighStakesTournament.”

The two remarks from both parties make it very evident that tensions between Kingpyn and the PBA appear to be very high right now.  Now, the tournament has been cancelled, Fans are wondering the bankruptcy might be the reason why they lost their PBA License just 2 weeks before their Tournament.

People Reactions:

Fans are responding in an enigmatic manner in the wake of the Kingpyn tournament’s cancellation. Some people are making fun of the cancellation, while others have called for the event to go on since they were eagerly awaiting the Gib vs. Jarvis match.



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