Kenlee Wallace accident: 15 year-old of eureka, KS, died after ejected in a UTV accident in Adair county

Kenlee Wallace, 15, a former resident of Kirksville, was declared dead at the scene 15 minutes after the deadly collision that occurred in Adair County on Sunday night. (Source: Facebook)
Kenlee Wallace, 15, a former resident of Kirksville, was declared dead at the scene 15 minutes after the deadly collision that occurred in Adair County on Sunday night. (Source: Facebook)


Kenlee Wallace, a former resident from Kirksville, died over the weekend in Adair County when the UTV she was operating overturned and she was thrown out.

Kenlee Wallace’s life was tragically taken that horrible day when her car was involved in an accident. Kenlee Wallace suffered critical injuries in the incident that ultimately led to her death.

We send Kenlee Wallace’s family and loved ones our deepest condolences at this terrible time. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Kenlee Wallace accident:

About four miles southwest of Kirksville, Missouri, Kenlee Wallace, 15, of Eureka, was operating a UTV on Sugar Creek School Trail when she drove off the left side of the road and overturned.

The teen was knocked out of the car. According to KTVO, Kenlee lost control of the side-by-side while driving downward on the gravel road. On July 16, at about 9:15 p.m., the accident took place.

15 minutes after the collision, Kenlee was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Investigators have confirmed that the victim is 15-year-old Kenlee Wallace of Eureka, Kansas, who was formerly from Kirksville, for KTVO News.

Wallace was not wearing a safety device at the time of the collision, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s online crash report.


About Kenlee Wallace:

Kenlee Wallace was eager to start her sophomore year as a Tornado after just moving to Eureka. Prior to travelling to Kirksville with her father to spend the week with him and her friends, Kenlee and her family had just returned from a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.

Kenlee recently joined the Cake Batter Batter crew and enjoyed baking. Kenlee was highlighted by KTVO for her baking abilities while she lived in Kirksville.

With some assistance from her mother, Wallace prepared and frosted cupcakes. She is not only displaying entrepreneurial abilities at a young age; she has also assisted in giving back to her community.

She has been giving to several community organizations since December.

Depending on the month, she alters the donation’s topic and the cupcakes’ flavour. She gave the Adair County SB40 to support Autism Acceptance Month, thus the topic of April held a special place in her heart.

The SB40 has been crucial in the life of the Wallace family, helping to provide assistance for Kenlee’s brother, who has autism spectrum disorder.

Wallace said,

“I like giving to people a lot, when I was younger, I would always share my snacks and stuff, even like even if that person is mean or whatever, I’d always just share and it just feels good.”

Wallace stated that while she doesn’t intend to bake as a career, she would still like to bake in the future for charitable causes.

She was a happy, modest girl with a pleasant aura that made those close to her happy to be around her. Everyone is in shock over her unexpected loss, and the community is helping her family. Condolences are being sent to her loved ones. She has had a significant good influence on people’s lives.


Funeral Services:

Lathan and Audrey Wallace of Eureka, as well as Kenlee’s parents, Laura Mullin Wallace of Eureka and Kendall Wallace of Kirksville, Missouri, are left behind.

In a subsequent issue, a complete obituary will be published.

Money gifts for the family may be addressed to Laura Wallace, c/o The Eureka Herald, PO Box 590, Eureka, KS 67045.

The Travis-Noe Funeral Home in Kirksville, Missouri, will host the funeral ceremony on Thursday, July 20, at 7 p.m.

Prior to the service, there will be visitation from 5-7 p.m.

On Saturday, July 22, at 10 a.m., a graveside service will be placed in Eureka’s Greenwood Cemetery.

The news of Kenlee Wallace’s passing has understandably devastated her family and friends, and condolences have poured in from all over the neighborhood. Many people have expressed their sympathies and offered support to Kenlee Wallace’s loved ones on social media during this difficult period.


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