How did Karen Poniachik die? Former minister Cause of death Explained

How did Karen Poniachik die? Former minister Cause of death Explained

Karen Poniachik, journalist and former mining minister during the first government of former President Michelle Bachelet, died today at the age of 57. Let’s see what happened, how did Karen Poniachik die, and her cause of death in detail.


Who was Karen Poniachik?

Karen Poniachik is the professional who served as Secretary of State, as well as the representative of the Government of Chile in the negotiations for admission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

According to her Linkedin profile, Poniachik currently served as director of the Global Center at Columbia University and director of companies such as Jetsmart and ISA interchile, among others firms.

In addition, the senior executive had been appointed by President Gabriel Boric as one of the new representatives of Chile in the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), a body that provides APEC leaders with perspectives, private sector recommendations, and action plans.

Ms. Poniachik has been on Lundin Mining’s Board of Directors since February 2021.


How did Karen Poniachik die?

The journalist and former Minister of Mining during the first administration of Michelle Bachelet, Karen Poniachik, died at the age of 57.

Journalist Patricia Politzer confirmed the news on her twitter by stating,

A great sadness for the death of my friend Karen Poniachik. A great woman, mother, professional, and friend. Feminist, brave, humanist, always committed to the country. My condolences to Anita, all her family, and her friends. We will not forget you.

Energy Minister Diego Pardow mourned Poniachik’s departure, highlighting that she was an “Excellent professional who led the Ministry of Energy and also the predecessor institution of the ministry. My deepest condolences to her family.”

The National Mining Society (Sonami) joined the condolences, whose president Jorge Riesco recalled that they developed a “frank and fluid relationship. We regret his death.”


Karen Poniachik cause of death

Poniachik was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. After managing to defeat the disease with successful radiation treatment, she was recommended to wait 5 or 6 years to become a mother, in order to prevent the tumor from reactivating.

In an interview granted to La Tercera, the former minister pointed out that in 2007, at the age of 44, she decided to be a single mother. and changed her daily life based on that decision.

” There have been times when being a single mother has become a battle flag. ” Poniachik commented in the interview.

In addition, the former minister had a more playful side, in fact, she was a candidate for queen Guachaca in 2006, and she actively campaigned to win on that occasion.


Tributes pouring on Social Media

David Rothkopf (CEO, TRG, host of Deep State Radio) posted,

Devastating. Gone far too soon, my dear friend Karen Poniachik will be terribly missed by the many of us whose lives she enhanced and elevated. May her memory be a blessing to her daughter who she loved dearly and to all who knew her.

Ricardo Lagos E. (Minister of Education and OOPP and President of Chile) posted,

Karen Poniachik was a pioneer. Early on, she promoted the role of women in public space from the State as Minister of Mining and in the private world on company boards. Consistent with her democratic ideals, her life example will be her great legacy.

Gabriel Alemparte posted,

Really sad and shocked that my friend Karen Poniachik left so early. Always smiling, fun, and full of the world, we worked things together, and she was always worried about the others. How sad. Karen, you were always a great person, may the earth be light to you.



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