Jocko Fajardo Death: Owner of JockoMade passed away unexpectedly, cause of death and obituary


 Jocko Fajardo, Owner of Jockomade passed away
Jocko Fajardo, Owner of Jockomade passed away (Source: Facebook)


Fajardo, Jocko owner of Jockomade passed away, unexpectedly leaving his loved ones in profound misery. He volunteered his services to many kinds of organizations, including SMYAL and Casa Ruby.

His philosophy on life was to treat people with kindness and spread love. Jocko had a stronger impact in a shorter amount of time than most others.

Even though he died too soon, I can say that he led a good life and was incredibly generous and devoted to others. Here is all we know about him and Jocko Fajardo cause of death.

Jocko Fajardo Death: What happened to him?

Jocko Fajardo, the well-known proprietor of JockoMade Washington, DC, which creates, enhances, and nuances your life via cuisine, florals, and special events, passed away.

It was reported that Jocko Fajardo, also known to many as Joaquin Fajardo, passed away on July 14, 2023. No cause of death was reported for Jocko Fajardo at the time of this publication.

His passing has left a huge void in our community that can never be filled. Many of us who knew Jocko Fajardo were left in absolute shock when we heard the news of his passing. 

Fajardo death news was confirmed by one of his friends Jeremy Rosenblatt. Read the following message that was published on his official FB page,

In shock at the passing of Jocko Fajardo. An amazing friend to many. His creativity was awe inspiring. May his memory be for a blessing.

Who was Jocko Fajardo?

Jocko’s firm, JockoMade, is situated in Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle district. It specializes in offering exclusive events, specialty catering, and carefully chosen flowers and presents.

Jocko, a native of Arizona who now has more than 20 years of experience in the DMV region, has made a name for himself. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the CIA, and his family has been in the horticultural industry for more than 40 years.

Jocko is a darling among his coworkers, clients, and friends because of his nice and cordial nature. Jocko is well-known in the market since his magnificent interior designs usually adorn the interiors of prestigious homes in Washington.

His aesthetic is best characterized as “Tailored Chic.” Jocko’s Instagram account, @jokorox, had about 773 posts, 2,250 followers, and 3,867 followers.

In addition to being a gifted professional, Jocko is also well-known for being a truly lovely guy. In his dealings with people, he consistently displays warmth, friendliness, and a welcoming demeanor.

Jocko was well known for being personable and was constantly prepared to offer a helping hand or a cheerful word of encouragement. He made a positive and welcoming environment by actually caring about the people around him.

Jocko Fajardo cause of death

The family politely requests prayers instead of individual condolences as well as space to mourn and come to grips with the devastating loss.

As per the online reports, it was confirmed he was found unresponsive in his bed this morning, but no cause of death determined yet.

Also, the family members haven’t confirmed yet. However, it is essential to await an official announcement before drawing any conclusions. 

Other than these statements, neither his family members nor web media have provided any information regarding the cause of his passing. We’ll update this article as soon as additional information becomes available.

Moreover, the family’s privacy must be respected even though attempts are being made to compile pertinent information and promptly deliver the most recent updates.

Tributes to Jocko Fajardo

The outpour of messages and condolences from his friends and family speaks volumes about the kind of person he was. He will be remembered by all who knew him as a kind, compassionate, and wonderful human being who had a positive impact on everyone he met.

Sahand Miraminy said,

I am still in shock. Jocko Fajardo brought light and flare into every room. He was everyone’s cheerleader. I’ll miss his pep talks and hot takes. Rest in peace, friend.

Vincent E. Slatt wrote,

Oh, Jocko Fajardo, you fabulous angel!! We were just joking about how I learned to sew and how you could teach me to relax. I’m grateful for last week’s hug and pep talk, and you giving me permission to, you know, not spin on an axle when being still is enough. I still owe you a drink at the lil gay pub, so I guess I’ll see you there!!! I’ve got some tikkun-ing to do first, though, ok?

Ryan Michael Newcomb wrote,

I’m at a loss for my DC friends and family. My heart aches with you and is with you tonight. His floral arrangements were incomparable and his love and kindness for all he knew were, too. I’m so sorry you are gone, and so sorry for all who you were so dear to. Thanks for your light and love through the years.

Brandon Braud said,

Still in shock from Tarik Pierce and now this news of Jocko Fajardo…Our love of culinary art and sharing it with others was both a love language we shared. Rest well, my friend. Your memory will forever be a blessing. The world has lost a brilliant array of colors. 

Jocko Fajardo’s Obituary

Jocko Fajardo Obituary

Saying goodbye is often difficult, and it can be hard to find the words to express how you feel about a loved one who has passed. I write this obituary with a heavy heart to inform you of the demise of Fajardo, Jocko Owner of JockoMade in Washington.

He was surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor his legacy by living their lives to the fullest. The warmth and light that Jocko Fajardo exuded always reached you when you needed it the most.

Without hesitation, he freely gave off his warmth and brightness. You could sense the worth and beauty he saw in you. His family needs you to be strong now. It’s not a time to mourn.

It’s time to look back and remember all the good things in life he did for you. His family will make further announcements regarding funeral services and preparations. And as soon as we receive official reports, we will update the information.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and sympathies go out to Jocko Fajardo’s family, friends, and loved ones. May they find comfort and strength as they mourn his loss. Feel free to drop your condolences below in the comment section.


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