Joanna Luna missing: Who is Richard “Xavier” Rodriguez? Prime suspect in abduction

Amber Alert for Joanna Luna

Texas police identify the suspect in Joanna Luna’s missing case as Richard “Xavier” Rodriguez. Let’s see who is Richard “Xavier” Rodriguez and the details about the Prime suspect in the abduction case.

Joanna Luna missing case:

On Sunday, November 6, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued an AMBER Alert for a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped in San Antonio.

An Amber alert has been issued by the Texas police after a 13-year-old San Antonio girl who went missing two months before. The authorities claim, Luna was kidnapped in a U-Haul truck with the Arizona license plate number, AE4438.

Joanna Luna Amber alert

Police reported, Luna was kidnapped by the suspect, Richard “Xavier” Rodriguez, a 17-year-old man. Richard was linked with the abduction of the victim, according to the alert. He is also believed to be driving a U-Haul bearing Arizona plates with the number AE44935. Joanna Luna was last seen on August 20th, near Antonio.

Joanna Luna’s identity:

According to San Antonio police, Luna, who is 110 pounds, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and has brown eyes and hair, is being searched by the agency.

On August 20, 2022, just before 3 a.m., she was last seen in the 11700 block of Spring Dale Drive in San Antonio, Texas. She was last spotted at 2:51 a.m. on the Northwest Side’s 11700 block of Spring Dale Drive wearing a dark grey T-shirt, black and pink Nike shorts, and pink and purple slides.

The youngster and the alleged kidnapper are allegedly in a U-Haul moving truck with the Arizona license plate AE44935, according to the notice from Texas DPS.

Amber Alert:

Texas Police department authorities have issued an active amber alert for Joanna Luna, a missing girl from San Antonio, and police have released the identities of the victim and suspect briefly. Texas Department of Public Safety issued an amber alert for an abducted child.

Who is the Prime suspect: Richard Xavier Rodriguez?

The Texas Department of Public Safety released the identity of the suspect Richard Xavier Rodriguez. Since August 20, Joanna Luna has been reported missing, according to law enforcement authorities.

Hispanic male Richard Xavier Rodriguez, 17, is wanted by police in connection with the kidnapping. Call the San Antonio Police Department if you have any information, police stated.

Suspect in Luna missing case

Police have identified the suspect as 17-year-old Richard “Xavier” Rodriguez, a man with brown eyes and brown hair.

According to law authorities, Joanna “may be in grave or immediate risk.” Anyone with information is urged to contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7579, according to the authorities.

People’s reaction on social media:

Blue tweeted,

I just wanted to say if you got the amber alert for Joanna Luna. That little girl has been missing since August they just now sending it out. Authorities say “they believe she’s in immediate danger.” She was in immediate danger two months ago, dummies!

Darkness Exposed tweeted,

13 year old #JoannaLuna has been #Missing for 2 months! #AMBERAlert has now been activated | She is believed to be in GRAVE DANGER #MissingChild #MissingPerson #BREAKING #UPDATE #Texas #SanAntonio #Endangered #Trending #Developing #Urgent

Christine B tweeted,

#AMBERALERT | 13-year-old #JoannaLuna is in GRAVE DANGER | Abducted in #SanAntonio #TX Joanna has been missing since August 20th

Daniel Decastro tweeted,


do you happen to be in the possession of a 13 y/o Hispanic female by the name of Joanna Luna?

NMD tweeted,

“Specific details about the circumstances of Joanna’s disappearance have not been released. A spokesman for SAPD said on October 1 that Joanna has a medical condition that requires “urgent care.”


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