How does Emmanuel Macron lose majority in French assembly? Explained

Emmanuel Macron lose majority in French

Less than two months after re-election, the president loses control of the National Assembly. Let’s see how does Emmanuel Macron lose majority in French.

Emmanuel Macron lose majority in French

“I’d already chosen to be a little easier on myself this year and enjoy what I have,” he added, “but that phone conversation simply reinforced the fact that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life worrying about winning golf tournaments.”

“Of course, I want to win,” she says, “but there must be a balance.”

“People around me claim I’m different during a big week, and while I can’t see it myself, I know it’s something I need to focus on.” I feel like I’m a different player today than I was from 2015 to 2018, so hopefully, I’ll be able to relax at the majors and it will show.”

Many young urban voters backed the left-green alliance founded by far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the New Ecological and Social People’s Union (Nupes), which emerged as the strongest opposition bloc with 131 members in the 577-seat parliament.

What is Rassemblement National?

The far-right Rassemblement National, led by Marine Le Pen, was the great surprise of the night, winning 89 seats, more than ten times the eight it had gained in the previous legislative elections. Les Républicains and their coalition allies won 74 seats.

Macron’s prime minister, Élisabeth Borne, warned in a post-election speech that the situation was “unique” and posed a “danger to the country.”

The finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, stated that the results were “disappointing” and that the government would have to be “creative” in order to implement the next set of reforms.

Borne promised that the administration will begin work on Monday to form a majority in the National Assembly that could carry out Macron’s goals of full employment and a “ambitious ecological transition” to battle climate change by investing in renewable energy.

Is Macron Had complete loss?

Macron had suffered a “complete loss,” Mélenchon said, and his alliance was the new face of France’s historic “upwellings of resistance and revolution.”

The RN has accomplished “an historic breakthrough,” according to Jordan Bardella, head of Le Pen’s Eurosceptic, anti-immigration party, while a smiling Le Pen said French citizens concerned about migrants, crime, and injustice would have a formidable group fighting their interests in parliament.

After replacing Les Républicains as the main opposition, Mélenchon’s Nupes — which includes the French Socialist, Communist, and Green parties, as well as his own far-left La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) — is set to hold the chair of the assembly’s critical finance committee.

What happened on Monday?

On Monday, however, the far-right RN, as the largest single opposition group, declared a claim to the office.

Despite winning more seats than any other party, Macron’s Ensemble avoided an ineffective “cohabitation” with a government and prime minister forced by a hostile legislative majority.

Macron also has power over national defence and foreign policy as president of the Fifth Republic, which was founded in 1958 by Charles de Gaulle.

In order to enact laws, Macron and Borne will need to form a coalition or make temporary deals with other parties, most likely the conservative LR. This includes the president’s desire to simplify the costly pension system and raise the official retirement age to 65 from 62, which is opposed by the left and contested by major labour organisations.

LR Secretary-General Aurélien Pradié blasted Macron for the “cacophonous” situation in parliament, but stated on Franceinfo radio that his party will vote with or against the administration on a case-by-case basis.

How Macron defeat Le Pen?

Macron defeated Le Pen in the final round of the presidential election in April, becoming the first incumbent to win a second term in 20 years. He’s also the first president since 2002 to fail to win a majority in the National Assembly following his own election.

Nupes candidates defeated Christophe Castaner, a former interior minister who has been the head of Macron’s party in the assembly, and Richard Ferrand, the chamber’s departing chair, to win numerous scalps from Macron’s squad.

Who are Macron Ministers?

Some of Macron’s ministers will also lose their posts as a result of his regulation that requires ministers who run for office and lose to resign.

In northern France, Brigitte Bourguignon, the health minister, was defeated by a far-right candidate by 56 votes, while Amélie de Montchalin, the environment minister, was defeated by the left in Essonne, south of Paris. Justine Benin, the junior minister for the marine of the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, was defeated by a leftwing opponent in one constituency.


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