How did Valdir Segato die? Brazilian Hulk Cause of death

Brazilian Hulk Cause of death

On his 55th birthday, Valdir Segato, a Brazilian bodybuilder known as “Hulk,” passed away. Segato injected himself with Synthol, an oil for bulkier muscles. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Brazilian Hulk Cause of death.

How did Brazilian Hulk die?

It was almost six o’clock in the morning. He entered the front of the home while on all fours. Then he continued to bang on my mother’s window until she woke up and he cried, “Help me, help me because I’m dying,” da Silva claimed in an interview with the publication.

Segato was sent to a hospital, but while waiting, he collapsed and appeared to be having a heart attack.

The TikTok celebrity was once a skinny teen, but after being administered Synthol in the gym, he developed an addiction to the drug.

Brazilian Hulk Cause of death

On his 55th birthday, a Brazilian bodybuilder who had pumped oil into himself to grow greater muscles passed away.

Segato rented a house that was erected behind his family’s home, according to Moisés da Conceiço da Silva, and on the day of his passing, he was complaining about having trouble breathing.

As soon as we receive more details and have obtained the necessary consent from the family to disclose the cause of death, we will update this post.

Is Valdir inject Synthol?

For years, Valdir Segato had used potentially lethal Synthol injections, putting himself at risk for infections and strokes while gaining enormous biceps, pectorals, and back muscles.

Why he was called the Brazilian Hulk?

Segato previously claimed that fictional characters like the Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the sources of his physical motivation.

“They always refer to me as the Hulk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and He-Man, and I embrace it. According to the Daily Mail, he stated in 2016, “I’ve doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger.”

The So Paulo native was forewarned six years ago that if he continued to use the injections, he risked amputation, or at the very least nerve damage and musical disfigurement.

As soon as he started injecting himself, his biceps grew to a whopping 23 inches. He was pleased with his reputation as “the monster” on the streets.

Is he posted his transformation picture?

On social media, he shared pictures of his changing figure and even went by the name “Valdir Synthol” on Instagram.

Despite having 1.7 million followers on TikTok, the bodybuilder reportedly had a solitary existence with few friends and visitors, according to local media.

What is Synthol?

According to Europe PubMed Central, synthol can result in “a destruction of neurons, oil embolic of the pulmonary, occlusion of the pulmonary artery, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke, and infectious problems.” Synthol often contains a mixture of oil, benzyl alcohol, and lidocaine.

Segato did not become any stronger as a result of the drug’s effects, which were merely cosmetic.

Fernando Carvalho da Silva, a close friend of Segato, has previously commented, “It’s the danger he takes.” He desires both fame and a decent appearance.

Tribute to Valdir Segato

Brasinha News said,

A Brazilian bodybuilder who injected himself with oil for bigger muscles died on his 55th birthday. Valdir Segato had been using potentially fatal Synthol injections for years, risking strokes and infections, to get massive biceps, pecs and back muscles.

JtynoGist said,

PICS: Brazilian Body Builder Who Injects Oil Into Muscles Passes Away At 55 He is originally from Brazil, Valdir Segato, better known as Valdir Synthol, became famous because of his excessive use of Synthol and fake muscles. No cause of his death has been released.

Sara Lopteck said,

Valdir Segato ignored health warnings and the risk of strokes and killer infections to create his superhuman aesthetic – which he said was based on his idols Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like Marvel’s The Hulk

Tatianyc27 said,

A Brazilian bodybuilder who injected himself with oil for bigger muscles died on his 55th birthday. Valdir Segato had been using potentially fatal injections of Synthol for years, risking strokes & infections, to get huge biceps, pectorals & back muscles.

The Pug said,

Valdir Segato – from Ribeirao Preto – had been using synthol injections for years despite risking strokes and infections to produce hulking biceps, pectorals and back muscles.

ABC News said,

Valdir Segato, a bodybuilder who became known as the Brazilian Hulk thanks to his huge arms, died on Tuesday (26), the day he turned 55. On social media, fans and followers mourn the death.


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