How did Vadim Saralidze die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Vadim Saralidze, a member of the Crematorium group’s guest musicians, died at the age of 62. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Vadim Saralidze Cause of Death.

How did Vadim Saralidze die?

Vadim Saralidze, a radio personality, and writer who was a guest musician with the Crematorium ensemble and recorded many singles with her have died. Saraliza was 62 years old and had a musical and economic education.

He was a violinist in the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and the rock band “Krematorium.” From 1987 to 1988 and 1992 to 1993, he was the group’s permanent violinist. After then, he worked as a session and guest musician with the band, contributing to the recording of two albums and several shows.

Vadim Saralidze Cause of Death

Vadim Saralidze was born in the Russian capital of Moscow on April 27, 1960. He graduated from the orchestral faculty of the Gnesins State Musical and Pedagogical Institute in the violin class in 1985, and then from the State University of Economics and Service’s Faculty of Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations in 1986.

Vadim Saralidze, the former violinist of the Crematorium ensemble, died at the age of 62. His daughter posted about it on social media, but she didn’t say what caused his death.

On June 4th, from 15:00 in Moscow, anybody who wishes to bid the musician and writer farewell will be allowed to do so in a loft on the grounds of the former Kristall factory on Samokatnaya Street.

Vadim Saralidze Career

He played in a chamber orchestra for ten years after receiving a certificate from the Gnessin Institute. But his heart was in rock, so he joined the Crematorium band as a session musician, where he recorded the most famous solo violin parts in her singles, including Garbage Wind, Ugly Elsa, and Strawberry with Ice. He was also a composer and arranger.

“This waltz was originally prepared for the performance and was intended for the table,” Armen Grigoryan, the Crematorium’s leader, remarked of the song “Garbage Wind’s” debut. – We forgot about it, but strangely enough, after hearing this song, our doors began to open. And the end consequence is likely to be the same as when, in our minds, a pawn became a king.


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