How did Steven Hoffenberg die? Jeffrey Epstein Associate cause of death

How did Steven Hoffenberg die? Jeffrey Epstein Associate cause of death

Jeffrey Epstein’s Associate Steven Hoffenberg Reportedly Found Lifeless. Let’s see how he died and Steven Hoffenberg cause of death in detail.


How did he die?

Authorities in Connecticut were attempting to establish on Thursday that Steven Hoffenberg, a convicted Ponzi schemer and mentor to Jeffrey Epstein, was the individual discovered dead in an apartment earlier in the week.

An automobile, a cell phone, and a medical record, according to Derby police Lt. Justin Stanko, all indicated that the person was Hoffenberg.

However, due to an advanced state of decomposition, the body could not be immediately identified, and investigators were awaiting confirmation from dental records, he said.

According to Stanko, the guy appeared to have been deceased for at least seven days.


Steven Hoffenberg cause of death

Although a preliminary autopsy was inconclusive, it found no evidence of trauma. The cause of death was pending for the findings of toxicology tests.

However, Steven Hoffenberg cause of death has not yet revealed. Once got the official details reagrding his death we will update this page.

Nothing points to it not being him, according to Stanko, who spoke to The Associated Press.

On Tuesday, a private investigator for a woman who claimed to be Epstein’s victim of sexual assault contacted the police and asked for a welfare check at the multifamily residence.

The private investigator stated that the woman hadn’t heard from Hoffenberg in five days, which was unusual, according to police.

When the police arrived at the house, they were able to see the body by peering through a first-floor window, according to Stanko.

About 12 miles (19 km) northeast of Bridgeport is Derby.

When the dental records check would be finished was unclear at first.


What did the police investigation confess?

Three days after his body was located, Hoffenberg’s cause of death was still a mystery because it had already started to decompose.

In a statement reporting the incident, the Derby Police Department said a couple of officers discovered the body after going to Hoffenberg’s apartment on August 23 at 8 p.m. for a welfare check.

The preliminary examination of Hoffenberg’s remains did not uncover any signs of trauma, a police spokesperson later disclosed.


Who is Steven Hoffenberg?

Steven Jude Hoffenberg, an American businessman and con artist, lived from approximately 1945 to July/August 2022.

He established Towers Financial Corporation, a debt collecting business that was later proved to be a Ponzi scheme and served as its founder, CEO, president, and chairman.

Hoffenberg is known widely for the Towers fraud

He saved the New York Post from bankruptcy in 1993, and he briefly owned the publication.

1993 saw the demise of Towers Financial, and in 1995 Hoffenberg admitted to defrauding investors of $475 million.

He received a 20-year sentence (of which he has already served 18 years), a $1 million fine, and $463 million in restitution.

His financial misdeeds were regarded by the U.S. SEC as “one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history.”


Relationship between Hoffenberg and Epstein

In 1987, through a reputed guns dealer named Douglas Leese, he met multimillionaire sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Leese characterized Epstein as a prodigy who was excellent at pitching security to Hoffenberg while without any sense of morality.

A short while afterward, Hoffenberg employed Epstein with a monthly salary of $25,000 at Towers Financial Corporation.

Later, the pair made an unsuccessful attempt to acquire control of Pan Am by using Towers Financial Corporation. In 1988, they attempted to take over Emery Air Freight Corp but failed.

In 1993, Hoffenberg bought the well-known American daily New York Post and ran it for three months.

The Towers Ponzi scheme was exposed in the same year.

A little more than two years after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched a civil lawsuit against Hoffenberg, the company filed for bankruptcy.

In April 1995, he admitted guilt to defrauding investors out of $475 million.

In court, Steven Hoffenberg made Epstein’s participation in the Ponzi scheme public.

Epstein, however, departed the business before the fraud was identified and was never held accountable.


Steven Hoffenberg Detention

Steven Hoffenberg was detained in February 1994, and in 1997, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

He completed his 18-year term and was freed in October 2013.

He paid $60 million to resolve the SEC civil lawsuit.

In 2016, the former CEO of Towers Financial Corporation brought a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein.

2019 saw the arrest of Epstein on sex trafficking accusations. Hoffenberg passed away in 2022 while residing in his Derby, Connecticut, home.



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