How did Mike Halac, a.k.a. Mantaur die? Former WWF wrestler cause of death explained


Mike Halac, a.k.a. Mantaur Former WWF wrestler cause of death
Mike Halac aka Mantaur has passed away at 55 (Source Mike’s Facebook)


The entire wrestling industry is in a state of profound anguish as a result of heartbreaking news. Mike Halac, better known as the former WWE Superstar Mantaur, has died at the age of 55.

He was constantly upbeat and ready to listen to anyone who needed it. Following the tragic news of Mantaur’s untimely demise, residents from all across the neighborhood paid respects to the departed soul.

On several social media sites, his friends and family also posted their memories of Mantaur. Let’s see what happened to him and Mike Halac cause of death here.

Mike Halac death: What happened to WWE Superstar?

Mike Halac, better known as the former WWE Superstar Mantaur, has reportedly passed away. On social media, tributes have been flooding in from all facets of the wrestling community.

Mike Halac’s daughter Demi confirmed his beloved father’s demise news by posting the following statement on social media.

“It’s Michael’s daughter, Demi, I’m sorry to break the bad news that my dad has passed away. He went peacefully in his sleep. He’s no longer in pain. This really hit home to lose my father, he will forever be in my heart and many others. I love you, dad. Make the skies beautiful for me”

May be an image of text that says "It's Michael daughter Demi, I'm sorry to break the bad news that my dad has passed away. He went peacefully in his sleep. He's no longer in pain. This really hit home to lose my father, he will forever be in my heart and many others. love you dad. Make the skies beautiful for me."

What was Mike Halac’s cause of death?

Mike Halac, a longtime professional wrestler best remembered for his brief stint as Mantaur in the WWE, has passed away. Halac’s portrayal of the wrestling character Mantaur in the 1990s with WWE created a lasting impression on the sport.

Halac, who was well-known for his commanding presence and distinctive demeanor, attracted attention from both spectators and other wrestlers with his portrayal of Mantaur.

The former WWE Superstar, who was 55 years old and an industry classic with decades of expertise, passed away recently.

The loss of Mike Halac is felt deeply by the wrestling world because he leaves behind a legacy that will live on in the minds of those who followed his career. As per the official reports, it was confirmed that he passed away peacefully at his home on July 11th.

Did Halac suffer any illness before death?

Mantaur has passed away. His real name was Mike Halac. He announced on Facebook a day ago that he had broken his back due to a fall and would need surgery.

Overnight, news came out that he had passed away. His daughter posted on his story that he had passed away in his sleep. 

Mike Halac is a World Wrestling Federation wrestler that has experience taking on opponents. As the “Mantaur – half-man, half-beast,” he made a fortune by beating up on people, but paradoxically, his biggest obstacle was outside the arena after he was given a diabetes diagnosis.

Halac was cited in a class action lawsuit brought against WWE in July 2016 on the grounds that the company failed to disclose the risks of harm and that wrestlers suffered traumatic brain injuries while working for it.

Attorney Konstantine Kyros, who has taken part in numerous past claims against WWE, handled the litigation for this case. In September 2018, US District Judge Vanessa Lynne Bryant dismissed the case.

From the foregoing information, we would deduce that he battled Diabetes before death. However, it is vital to await an official declaration before drawing any conclusions.

Also, neither his family members nor any web media mentioned the specific reason for Mike Halac’s death. When new information becomes available, we’ll update this article.

Moreover, the family’s privacy must be respected even though attempts are being made to compile pertinent information and promptly deliver the most recent updates.

Who was Mike Halac, a.k.a. Mantaur?

Mike Halac was a professional wrestler from the United States who died on July 11, 2023. His appearances with the World Wrestling Federation in the middle of the 1990s, where he went by the ring name Mantaur and briefly as Tank, are what made him most famous.

Mike Halac’s Career

As Bruiser Mastino, Mike Halac began his career in professional wrestling in Europe for the CWA company, competing alongside wrestlers like Dave Taylor, Owen Hart, Steven (William) Regal, Chris Benoit, and Fit Finlay.

But in 1994, he gave up the arduous tours of Germany in favor of the World Wrestling Federation, where he encountered a very different kind of difficulty.

Halac wrestled in his first two matches as Bruiser Mastino before being granted the gimmick of Mantaur, a hybrid of a man and a bull. Mantuar, who entered the ring in a gargantuan top-half bull costume, never quite won over fans and ended up being one of the characters from the mid-1990s who was remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Halac was nevertheless able to continue working for the business for almost 10 months. After quitting Vince McMahon’s organization, he had an appearance in ECW before going back to the CWA in Europe and changing his name to Terminator Mastino.

In 1997, Mike Halac did make a brief comeback to WWE as Tank of The Truth Commission, but that persona also didn’t last around.

Around the turn of the century, Mike Halac’s professional wrestling career came to an end, but he continued to sometimes lace on his boots. In 2019, he even went back to his Mantaur persona for a GCW battle royal. 

On social media, tributes have been flooding in for Mike Halac.

Tributes to Mike Halac

At this terrible time, Medicotopics extends its sympathies to Mike Halac’s family, friends, and supporters. May they find comfort and strength as they mourn his loss.


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