How did Lori McClintock die? Rep. Tom McClintock’s wife Cause of Death

What happened to Lori McClintock?

A coroner’s office worker refused to provide The Times access to the report.

According to Healthline, the white mulberry leaf is promoted as having a variety of health advantages, including decreasing cholesterol, aiding in the control of diabetes, and aiding in “blocking cancer cell proliferation.”

The coroner’s report states that McClintock’s death was brought on by “gastroenteritis,” even though the supplement can also cause vomiting and diarrhea.

The report KHN mentioned was submitted on March 10.

According to KHN, the cause of death was recorded as “pending” on the initial death certificate, which was dated Dec. 20, 2021.

A native of Michigan who worked in real estate in California was Lori McClintock. In addition to working in churches, she had two children with the California lawmaker.

Conservative Republican Tom McClintock was elected to the 4th Congressional District in 2008 and has since been re-elected five times. He previously served in the California Legislature.

What did the autopsy report convey?

According to the autopsy report, a “mostly intact” white mulberry leaf was discovered in Lori McClintock’s stomach. Though it is unknown if she consumed fresh, dried, or supplemented white mulberry leaves or drank tea made with them.

The connection between herbal supplements and McClintock’s death

McClintock’s passing illustrates the dangers associated with the enormous, expanding market for dietary supplements and herbal remedies, which has grown to be a $54 billion industry in the United States.

Both lawmakers and health care experts agree that this industry requires more government oversight.

“Many individuals believe that if a product is marketed in the United States of America, it has undergone some sort of inspection and is therefore safe.

When introducing legislation to tighten control over dietary supplements this spring, U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) declared on the Senate floor, “Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

Dietary supplement industry representative Daniel Fabricant questioned whether McClintock’s death was connected to a supplement. Fabricant is the CEO and president of the Natural Products Association.

“It is entirely speculative. There is science behind this. It’s more than just how the coroner feels “added Fabricant, who was in charge of the FDA’s dietary supplement division under President Obama.

There are many various causes and reasons why people pass away from dehydration every day, which is regrettable.

The FDA should have been informed of her death, according to Fabricant, so the organization might have opened an investigation.

It’s unclear whether anyone informed the organization of her death since such reports are voluntary.

FDA spokeswoman Courtney Rhodes stated that the organization doesn’t comment on potential or existing investigations.

Fabricant noted that the FDA has a system in place to look at fatalities that may be related to a supplement or medication.

It is casework, he declared. “We need to perform some good, old-fashioned police work,”

Why did Tom keep mum about his wife’s passing?

Since he made the announcement of his wife’s passing in a statement on December 19, 2021, and paid tribute to her during her funeral on January 4, Tom McClintock has largely kept quiet about it.

The cause of death hadn’t been disclosed up until now.

Tom McClintock was unavailable for comment when contacted by phone and email several times on Wednesday.

McClintock assured mourners at his wife’s burial that she was alright when he spoke to her the day before he left.

He said that she had revealed to a friend that “she was on a roll” at her new position at a Sacramento real estate office and “she was carefully dieting.”

He said, “She just joined a gym. It would have been the happiest family Christmas ever if she had been at home counting down the days before Christmas, wrapping all the presents, and making all the preparations.

But the coroner’s report states that she “complained of an unsettled stomach” the day before she passed away.

Is mulberry leaves the cause of Lori’s death?

China’s native white mulberry tree, whose leaves and berries have long been utilized in traditional medicine.

The extract from its leaves has been shown in scholarly studies to lower blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss. People consume it as an extract or powder, in tablet or capsule form. The leaves can also be used to make herbal tea.

The way Lori McClintock responded was strange. The American Association of Poison Control Centers states that no white mulberry-related deaths have been reported to them in the last ten years.

According to Kaitlyn Brown, clinical managing director for the association, 148 cases of white mulberry plant ingestion have been voluntarily reported to poison control specialists nationwide since 2012.

Also, the majority is unintentional ingestion by children 12 and younger. Only one patient, she claimed, required further medical attention.

The FDA is in charge of dietary supplements like those that include white mulberry leaf extract, while poison control centers keep track of exposures to the white mulberry plant.

According to the FDA’s database that tracks “adverse events,” two examples of persons becoming ill after using mulberry supplements have been reported to the agency since 2004.

It largely relies on voluntary submissions from consumers and healthcare workers. One of those incidents at least required hospitalization.

Consuming medicines after a doctor consultation is crucial

Manufacturers are not permitted to promote dietary pills, teas, and other supplements as therapies for illnesses because they are controlled as food items.

However, they are permitted to state what the effects of the supplements on the body are.

Consequently, someone seeking to reduce their weight or manage their diabetes may pick up a bottle of white mulberry leaf extract.

Since some supplement manufacturers offer it as a natural treatment that can lower blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss.

According to Debbie Petitpain, a registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, such promises are tempting to Americans and have been particularly persuasive during the epidemic as people sought to strengthen their immune systems and ward off COVID-19.

However, dietary supplements can be harmful and have different effects on different people.

According to the FDA, combining prescription drugs and supplements can make the issue worse. “I believe that many people are assuming that it is a plant. Alternately, “Oh, it’s just a vitamin,” That undoubtedly indicates that it won’t harm me,'” Petitpain remarked. However, there is always a danger involved with doing anything.

Lori McClintock cause of death:

Even though the supplement can also lead to vomiting and diarrhea, the coroner’s report claims that McClintock’s death was caused by “gastroenteritis.” The indicated report was turned in on March 10.

Why Lori McClintock took white mulberry leaf is unknown. Also, the official news of Lori McClintock cause of death has not yet been revealed. Once we got enough exact information on Lori McClintock cause of death we will update this page as soon as possible.

Tributes to Lori McClintock:

She was remembered by her friends and family who attended her funeral as a vivacious, joyful woman who loved her family and her job and had Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree by mid-December. When she and her husband retired, she had plans to purchase a recreational vehicle.

To the grieving, Tom McClintock said, “We grieve the loss because of all the things she was looking forward to doing and all the years yet ahead.”

We also mourn the loss of a genuinely excellent person in each of our lives, which is another reason for our sorrow.


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