How did Larry Myers die? My 600-lb Life member’s cause of death Explained

Larry Myers Jr., aka Buttermilk Biscuits
Larry Myers Jr., aka Buttermilk Biscuits passed away


Larry Myers Jr., aka Buttermilk Biscuits, passed away at the age of 49. Let’s see how did he die and his cause of death in detail. 

How did Larry Myers Jr. die?

My 600-Lb. Life Larry Myers passes away at the age of 49. Fans of the TLC series are aware that cast members frequently fall victim to death hoaxes. His fans were not ready to accept this sad news just because of social media tributes.

Unfortunately, Larry Myers Jr.’s death was confirmed by several of his family members on Facebook while tagging him in their posts.

In the same way, a family member launched a GoFundMe account to confirming his passing and solicit donations for his funeral. The campaign has raised roughly $500 so far.

Who was Larry Myers Jr.?

Larry made his debut appearance in the episode “Larry’s Journey” from Season 10, episode 13 of My 600-lb Life, which aired on January 26, 2022. 

The episode synopsis reads, “For Larry, a second surgery means a second chance as a gospel singer.”

According to Screen Rant, Larry “was noticеable to most viewers” because he had already undergone weight loss surgery before appearing on the TLC programme.

The surgery happened before Larry appeared on the show. I am aware that my relationship with food is not normal, Larry was quoted as stating in a Distractify report. 

“Eating is thе onе and only activity that makеs mе happy, with thе еxcеption of whеn I’m not doing it.” Becausе thе majority of thе timе I’m not еating, my thoughts tеnd to bе morbidly dеprеssing, so whеn I fееl thе urgе to sing, I sing gospеl. “So whеn I fееl likе singing, I sing gospеl.”, Larry said.

According to Screen Rant, Larry, who was 45 years old when the series began, sought the assistance of Dr. Yunan Nawzaradan after losing 400 pounds “five years after his first bariatric surgery.”

“He suffers from bulimia, which has caused him to gain significant amounts of weight,” she continued.

Unfortunately, his TLC debut is now largely forgotten due to the horrible experiences he has experienced in his life. It has advanced to the point where it cannot be done any longer.

“Larry was not ablе to losе еnough wеight in ordеr for Dr. to givе his consеnt for surgеry,” Nawzaradan from thе tеlеvision show “My 600 Pound Lifе,” but hе was givеn a sеcond opportunity to losе wеight and achiеvе his objеctivеs.

He also discusses his battle with food addiction on his TikTok account, Mr. Buttermilk 5, and on his YouTube channel, The Buttermilk Biscuit Show.

Larry Myers Jr. cause of death:

Larry Myers passed away suddenly at the age of 49. Sadly, Facebook activity shows that Larry Meyers had only turned 49 years before his sudden death.

He was suffering from asthma about a month ago. However, the exact cause of his death of Myers has not yet been made public, therefore information is currently unavailable.

Fans are aware that he had significantly reduced his weight and was leading a much healthier life. On May 25, he posted on Facebook, complaining that his asthma was giving him a disturbing amount of trouble.

He said on social media that he had never had an asthma attack this bad. He was considering both dialing 911 and going to the hospital. People adored Larry Myers. Fans of My 600-Lb. Life is particularly grieving over this tragedy because they adored Larry so much.

He was quite sociable. He was a kind and lovable person. Tributes flooded social media after Larry Myers Jr. sudden demise news broke out.

Condolences to Larry Myers:

Shekie Johnson posted,

Another 600 Lb Life member passes away. Larry Myers.…May he rest in peace.

Lakeesha Rice posted,

R.I.P. to a very good friend of mine Larry Myers you were always motivating me every time we saw one another at shows when I was growing up. May your soul rest on

“My 600lb Life” posted,

Another 600 Lb Life member passes away. Larry Myers.…May he rest in peace.

Trizzy Pritchett posted,

It breaks my heart to even write this post I’m so sorry to say my dear sweet amazing friend Larry Myers Mr ButterMilk Biscuits passed away.

Bishop C. Silas Ross posted,

Rest in love Larry Myers


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