How did Joshua M. Gannon Salomon die ?The king’s Busketeers guitarist Cause of death Explained

How did Joshua M. Gannon Salomon die ?The king's Busketeers guitarist Cause of death Explained

The king’s Busketeers guitarist Joshua M. Gannon Salomon passed away this morning. Let’s see more details about the guitarist Gannon Salomon in the following paragraphs.

What happened to Joshua M. Gannon Salomon?

His Wife Posted a Condolence Message on Social Media. She revealed the statement that Gannon-Salomon has passed away this Morning.

My amazing and beautiful husband Joshua M. Gannon-Salomon passed away this morning at Kent Memorial hospital following a seizure. I miss him so much all ready. He made the world smile and dance.

Gannon Salomon’s cause of death

The guitarist Passed passed away this morning at Kent Memorial hospital following a seizure.

To learn more about Gannon Salomon’s death, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears.

Who was Gannon Salomon

Salomon is a guitarist. He is also known as king’s Busketeers He dedicated himself to music and was a Beautiful soul. Some of his hit albums are mentioned below. 

The Bear And The Selkie 

Ghost Flower Farm 

The Crocus (Live) Whiskey in an Ice Cream Dish

 Piers the Ploughman 

The Phony Orange POTUS Chilly Arms Of Ocean Gretna Green

Bronchosaurus 0.3 

Hermetic Superheroes 

 Super Rough Cut

Joshua’s Play at wandering bard

On September 24, 2016, Joshua Gannon-Salomon performs as a traveling bard at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts. Joshua Gannon-Salomon, age 27, will take on the persona of Giles, the Bard of Carvershire, this coming Saturday. As the chief storyteller of the kingdom, the vivacious Giles takes listeners on illuminating journeys to places like Ukraine, Ireland, and Constantinople.

According to Gannon-Salomon, who in real life has “Jewish heritage on my father’s side,” “my character is Anglican in name with humanistic scholarship.”
Gannon-Salomon cited Giles’ account of a gang of witches encircling a European shtetl in one of his tales for Carvershire’s visitors.

Pointing out that Jews were barred from the professions during that era, the performer said the inspiration to create Giles came from Jews who became roaming entertainers during those restrictive times.

For ‘Renaissance’ Jews, all the world’s a joust

Along with Gannon-Salomon, Jewish actor Tom Epstein, 58, who plays King Richard X has been a member of the ensemble for 16 years, initially as a cook and subsequently, as the noble King Richard, is also a member of the cast. Three royal viewings and one parade through the realm each day provide Epstein with a lot of exposure to guests.

The master-of-arms of the realm, the witty Joshua Rudy, also discussed his identity as a Jew and his interest in Renaissance celebrations. Rudy, an actor and fight choreographer by profession, oversees jousts with humorous banter and deft control of the action.

After the battle, Rudy told The Times of Israel, “There weren’t any Jewish knights back then, you know. Referencing the Shylock persona, he remarked, “Jews always got killed and blamed for everything.”

Condolences Posted on Social Media

Yulian Frankie Segarra Posted

Another beautiful human soul, kind amazing, and compassionate gone too soon. This time a member of my Renaissance Nation. Joshua M. Gannon-Salomon has been called to exit the stage of life.

A forever caring gentle soul and an amazing shining star in this world .you will be missed by many, who daily would be in contact with many along with his awesome wife.

I tip my hat to you sir and bid you safe travels good sir . Prayers and thoughts to his wife Xyla Risotti, his family, and friends.

Ian Krasnow Posted

I’m so sad and shocked to hear this! We used to play together when we were very young (like nursery school young), although we reconnected here and there until high school. Josh always seemed to know exactly who he was and lived more authentically than anyone else I knew from our hometown, no question. I always admired that about him, and I never forgot it. Rest in Peace Josh

D Gifford Carnes Posted

I’m so saddened to read this. Josh was an amazing person, performer, and musician. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Morales M Tova Posted

Hi, I remember Josh from CTY Carlisle as a funny, gregarious guy. My deepest condolences to you and your close ones.

Claire Lau Posted

OMG, this is so terrible. I’m so sorry. This is so hard to process. Joshua was such an amazing, warm and loving person.

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