How did John Fallon die? Talented Hull boxer cause of death Explained

How did John Fallon die? Talented Hull boxer cause of death Explained

Hull boxer John Fallon who beat two world champions died after a fall outside the pub. Let us see more about John Fallon and his career journey in the following paragraphs.

John Fallon Cause of death

The source confirmed that John’s death was caused by the fall, which resulted in a severe head injury. The 63-year-old died in Hull Royal Infirmary nearly four months after falling backward and hitting his head while leaving the Barham pub in Bilton Grange on January 9 this year, an inquest into his death heard yesterday (Thursday).

The inquest heard how John remained very fit and strong even after hanging up his gloves. However, arthritis had made him unsteady and he often fell over, particularly after having a drink.

In the last few years before his death, he suffered health problems. As well as arthritis, he had type two diabetes and angina. But John showed his strength by surviving several surgeries and infections while in the hospital, before finally losing his last fight. He died on April 27.

John Fallon’s Struggle

Kenneth Young, a surgical resident, detailed how John was taken to the hospital following a severe head injury in a statement read aloud during the inquest. He underwent a lot of operations, and at the beginning of March, he seemed to be getting better. He received palliative treatment before passing away.

Carole expressed her belief that John would survive. He did recognize me while I was in the hospital, she claimed. He spent five weeks in a coma, but he appeared to be recovering. “I had a lot of hope that he would recover. But every time he contracted an infection, we lost a little more of him, and eventually, it became too much.

The inquest heard how John suffered many devastating losses during his life. His mum died when he was just 20 years old and his dad died in 1998. But the loss of his brother, whom John was very close to, really hit him hard. After his distinguished boxing career, John worked as a doorman and a laborer on the docks. He had two children of his own but he was also very close to Carole’s children and grandchildren.

She said: “He had two children of his own and although he did not see them as much as he would like, he loved being a dad and a granddad. But he was also very close to my children and grandchildren and doted on them.”

John Fallon’s Journey

When John was about 13 years old, he started boxing, and before going pro, he had a successful amateur career. During his career, he defeated two boxers, including Johnny Nelson, who went on to win the world championship. John was really powerful and a very excellent boxer, Carole added.

He trained at St. Paul’s in Hull, and he undoubtedly had more victories than losses. He was highly regarded and loved in the sport. He was as resilient as a rock. “John had a substantial social network in Hull and beyond. I’m just heartbroken that he’s gone. But he wasn’t just a boxer. His hobbies were diverse. He adored both poetry and music. He was also into nature and he was an intelligent man.”

Interested to Socialize

John had a wide range of interests and enjoyed going out to the pub to meet people. He went swimming, and played pool, and darts. An account from a friend of John’s who was present the night of his passing was read aloud.

“We both used to box at St Paul’s and we became excellent friends,” the friend remarked. His career as a professional boxer, which he continued into his mid-30s, was his passion. He was charismatic and enjoyed mingling with others. I can still picture the evening when he fell. In Holderness Road, we had gone out and engaged in some drinking. 

Around 7.30 p.m., I made the decision to depart, but John wished to stay a little bit longer. I didn’t learn what had transpired until much later. Doctors attributed John’s unsteadiness, which caused him prone to stumbling, to his arthritis, but his pal thought his boxing career might have played a role. When you have boxed at such a high level for a significant portion of your life, it will have an impact, he said. You might anticipate some long-lasting damage if you do that.

Tributes to John Fallon

Tributes have been paid to a former boxer who beat two world champions after he died following a fall as he left an east Hull pub. John Fallon was “a big man and he made a big impact on the lives of so many”, his long-term partner said. “He was larger than life and lived it to the full.”

Carole Wilkinson, his partner of 21 years, said: “John was such a lovely man. He was a big man and he made a big impact on the lives of so many people. “He was strong both physically and in terms of character. He certainly kept me on my toes. He was larger than life and lived it to the full.”

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