How did Jim Formanek die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Jim Formanek, who had served as director for the preceding 15 years, died at the age of 50. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Jim Formanek Cause of Death.

Jim Formanek Cause of Death

Jim Formanek, the Jim Henson Co.’s director of client merchandising for the preceding 15 years, died of cancer complications on Wednesday at Windfall St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. He had reached the age of fifty. Jim Formanek Cause of Death was Cancer.

In 2000, Formanek joined Henson in an administrative position he dubbed “assistant president,” and went on to lead the Muppets’ client merchandise expansion. For companies such as Sid the Science Kid, Dinosaur Practice, Fraggle Rock, The Darkish Crystal, and Labyrinth, he worked on goods, publishing, collectibles, and clothing.

How did Jim Formanek die?

“For a living, I make toys and skim comic books.” “Basically, I’m Tom Hanks in the movie Huge,” he once declared.

In a news release, Henson CEO Lisa Henson said, “We’re simply heartbroken on the passing of Jim Formanek.” “For our fans, Jimmy — himself a fan — expressed his tremendous appreciation for fun and whimsy in all of the toys, books, comics, and clothing from the previous 15 years.”

Jimmy’s legacy also includes his wit, dedicated companionship, and inspiring commitment to strive to be a good person and care for those around him, according to our firm. We send our condolences and support to Jimmy’s family and many friends.” Jim Formanek Cause of Death due to Cancer.

Jim Formanek’s Early Life

James Patrick Formanek was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on March 28, 1972. Before moving to Los Angeles, he was raised in Webster, Wisconsin, and graduated from the College of Minnesota in Duluth.

Jean, his stepmother; Debbie, Dave, and Dennis, his siblings; Tim, his brother-in-law; Robyn and Laura, his sisters-in-law; and Traci, Bryan, Danielle, Cassidy, Joey, Dan, Sarah, and Joshua, his nieces, and nephews

This summer, celebrations honoring his life are set to take place in Hollywood and Webster. Donations are being accepted for a scholarship established in his honor at Webster Excessive Faculty. Jim Formanek, a long-serving Jim Henson Company executive, died at the age of 50.


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