How did Gleycy Correia die? Former Miss Brazil cause of death Explained

Former Miss Brazil Cause of Death

Gleycy Correia was a Former Miss Brazil. She passed away at the age of 27. Let’s see how did she die, what happened, and what was Former Miss Brazil Cause of Death.

Former Miss Brazil Cause of Death

Former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia, who was 27 years old, died on Monday, June 20, after complications following a routine tonsil operation.

After suffering a serious heart collapse, Correia reportedly spent more than two months in a coma. The native of Macae passed away on Monday after being admitted to a private clinic. Former Miss Brazil Cause of Death was a heart attack.

The former beauty pageant champion had no brain activity, according to Daily Mail UK, and was in a vegetative state. The report said that Correia’s body was taken for an autopsy to the Forensic Medicine Institute of Macae.

What happened?

The Daily Mail said that Gleycy Correia originally experienced significant bleeding, which was followed by a heart attack. According to several reports, Correia had been back at her home for almost five days before any difficulties occurred.

Lidiane Alves Oliveira, a family priest for Correia, is also quoted in the article as saying:

“She had surgery to remove her tonsils and after five days at home, she had a hemorrhage. She went to Unimed and had a cardiac arrest on April 4, and since then she was in a coma, with no neurological activity. Today she passed away.”

How did Former Miss Brazil die?

Heavy bleeding is one of the risks associated with tonsillectomy, the procedure to remove the tonsils, according to Mayo Clinic.

According to the academic medical portal, bleeding may happen after surgery if the tonsil site’s scab is removed before fully healing. Additionally, throughout the procedure, bleeding is possible. They state:

“In rare cases, severe bleeding occurs during surgery and requires additional treatment and a longer hospital stay.”

To make sure that no more difficulties arise under such circumstances, the hospital would ideally keep an eye on the patient for a few days. Unfavorable anesthetic reactions, in addition to edoema and infections at the tonsil site, are additional surgery-related problems.

Former Miss Brazil’s Funeral arrangement

According to sources, funeral and burial plans for Gleycy Correia were arranged for Tuesday, June 21. A wake was conducted the day after her passing, according to some earlier local portal reports.

Allegations over Gleycy Correia’s death

Jak Abreu, a prominent local figure and clergyman who claimed to be in touch with Gleycy Correia’s family, frequently wrote on Instagram about the late beauty queen.

Abreu claimed in one of these videos that her family was certain that the hospital had engaged in “malpractice” that had ultimately cost her life. The late Brazilian businessman and makeup artist’s autopsy may have been performed in part because to these allegations.

Gleycy Correia’s Career

In 2018, Correia has crowned Miss United Continents Brazil. She had modest origins, yet she managed to carve out a lucrative career for herself and win widespread respect.

She was also an expert in permanent cosmetics and could utilize tattoos to modify someone’s appearance permanently while simulating natural features in the face or the surrounding area.

Tribute to Gleycy Correia’s Death

Welgacz said,

MISS BRAZIL 2018, GLEYCY CORREIA, AT 27, dies of massive bleeding and heart attack days after a routine tonsil operation. She is from Macaé, RJ, she was in a coma for two months after cardiac arrest in April. She will be buried today at 11:30 am in Macaé.

Alice Liu said,

Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia dead at 27 after suffering a brain hemorrhage and a heart attack following a routine operation to have her tonsils removed. She had been in a coma since April 4.

Alan Roberts said,

“A Brazilian beauty queen has died at 27 after suffering a brain hemorrhage and a heart attack following a routine operation to have her tonsils removed”… Not one mention of Covid or vaccination in the article.. wonder why.

Michael Peckman said,

Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia dies aged 27 from ‘massive bleeding’ and heart attack after tonsil operation Gleycy Correia, from Macae, south-eastern Brazil, died on June 20 after the operation left her suffering “massive bleeding and a cardiac arrest”.

Aja Beech said,

This is so sad – I had complications from a tonsillectomy in 2020 and nearly died when I woke up choking on my own blood in the middle of the night and lost so much blood i passed out before being able to get to a hospital. Praying for this family.


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