How did Dancehall artist Merciless die? Cause of death Revealed

How did Dancehall artist Merciless die? Cause of death Revealed

Dancehall entertainer Leonard Bartley, well known by his stage name Merciless, was discovered dead on Tuesday at a motel off Lyndhurst Road in St. Andrew. Lets see what happened, how did Merciless die and what was his cause of death.


How did Dancehall entertainer Merciless die?

Although the details of his passing are still unclear, many sources have told Urban Islandz that the veteran dj, whose true name is Leonard Bartley, died on Tuesday, July 19. According to reports, a friend of the dj discovered his lifeless body at the Harlem Resort hotel before calling the authorities.

According to our sources, his friends and relatives went to the hotel on Walkers Avenue to check on him after growing concerned about him after they hadn’t heard from him. When they arrived, they found his dead. As soon as the police came, merciless was declared dead at the spot. Authorities are extensively investigating his death, according to law enforcement officials who spoke to Urban Islandz.

Out of respect for his family, we won’t release the viral social media footage that shows his body.

According to producer Miguel Smith, he met Merciless last week and chatted with him on Sunday. He was there at the motel. Him and them have a deal whereby he stays there whenever he is in Kingston. When he called me, he was in a great mood, so it surprised me to hear that he was feeling sick and throwing up. The energy level was also high. He informed me that he was prepared to work with Terry Linen, and I replied that I was also prepared. He also wanted to participate in the record I was producing for VP Records. Mi can’t absorb it. This is simply a shock,” Smith added.

He called Warhead, nicknamed Merciless, “a family man” and mentioned that the deejay’s mother had only just returned to Jamaica from abroad.

“Merciless, take care of his family. He should also take care of his niece and nephews.” The best thing was being with his family because ruthless individuals who reside close to Chapelton side were around. The producer responded, “This is going to lick them hard.

Little Hero, a longtime partner, declared that he was “still in shock.” He praised Merciless’ literary skills and delivery while praising his cheerful attitude.

“Deejay Merciless simply loves to rhyme. Our most recent collaboration, Time and Prayer, came right before COVID. We also had the significant impact from back then, of course.

Before he passed away, Merciless was composing brand-new songs. He said that he was working on an album last year and was apparently in negotiations for a significant performance at an upcoming event. Some portions of the album may have already been recorded, but there is enough unrecorded music for at least one or two more albums.

Olivia Grange, minister of culture, gender, entertainment, and sport, expressed her sadness at Merciless’ passing.

Another member of our music fraternity passing away is really painful, Grange said in a statement. She also expressed her sympathies to his friends, family, and the music community.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Merciless engaged in a number of well-publicized fights with fellow deejays Beenie Man, Ninja Man, and Bounty Killer. He and Bounty Killer had a running feud, but it was all put to rest as they collaborated on the song No One Cares in 2000. The World is Comng to an End was the title of one of his most recent albums.


Merciless Cause of death

So far no cause of death has been made public. A thorough investigation is going on. Once enough information available, we will update the post.

Bounty Killer described Merciless as a “wicked” musician with a lot of flaws when he discussed his influence in dancehall last year.

Gad a di grung after Lenard was mentored by 97 mi, according to Killer. “I took him to my birthday party, It’s A Party, in 1999, and he addressed me as his father. In 2000, he lost his way, and I believe he is a wicked artist but a crazy guy.”

Update on Merciless Cause of death will go on here.


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