How did Chris Scott die? Show producer cause of death explained

Chris Scott
News producer Chris Scott


Chris Scott, a broadcast journalism alum passed away on January 17, 2023. Let’s see, how did Chris Scott die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Chris Scott die?

Chris Scott, producer at Fox 16 passed away after a short illness. His demise news was announced by the Fox 16 team and the statement reads,

“It is an extremely tough day for everyone at FOX 16 News, and especially everyone connected to FOX 16 News at 9 as show producer Chris Scott passed away early Tuesday.

We send our sincere condolences to his mom Cindy, his sister Robin and his entire family. We are praying for your strength and courage, and make no mistake, we will miss him dearly.”

He cherished his two nephews, Ryan and Noah.

Who was Chris Scott?

Chris Scott was a veteran Little Rock TV news producer. He served as the news producer for Fox 16 news and KARK 4 News.

Chris Scott was a key member of Fox 16 news room. While describing Scott, Fox 16 says, “Viewers never got to see Chris, but he was the brain working behind the scenes making sure everyone at FOX 16 News team presented a top-notch newscast.”

Chris Scott teamed up with all of the people who would be seen on camera, including news reporters, videographers, and production team.

Chris began his career in television by working in the sports department. He then moved into the news section, but sports remained his genuine passion. Chris was a passionate Razorbacks supporter and a big St. Louis Cardinals fan. He was an alumnus of Little Rock’s Catholic High School.

Fox 16 and KARK 4 News reported the passing of Chris Scott.

Chris Scott cause of death:

The broadcast journalism alum Chris Scott has died. Chris passed away Tuesday morning after an illness that lasted several weeks. He was earlier admitted at the hospital for treatment. But he passed away sadly.

Chris Scott cause of death was an illness. However, the type of illness he suffered was not disclosed. Tributes flooded social media after the demise news of Chris Scott broke out. His colleagues, friends and fellow News personalities shared their heartfelt condolences to both alums.

There was another loss for KARK/Fox 16. As, his co-worker, Haven Hughes, a KARK/FOX 16 reporter also died in an accident.

Condolences to Chris Scott:

Samantha Boyd posted,

Today we learned we lost two of our family members at KARK/FOX16 & it still doesn’t feel real. My mom & I both worked with Chris Scott over the years, & I’d just started working with Haven Hughes a few months ago. I’ll remember them forever. Haven was so excited to work at our station. She came in every single day happy and ready to learn. Chris had spent years in this business and was a pro… he had such a gentle and quiet spirit that was so refreshing. Please pray for their families tonight & our station. Walking past their empty desks today reminded me how much we already miss them.

Chief Keith Monahan KARK posted,

We are heartbroken to hear of another KARK 4 News/FOX16 News #texas am20 member’s passing. Newscast Producer Chris Scott died earlier today after a short illness. I’ll miss you Chris. Comfort and peace to his family and friends. #ARNews KATV Channel 7

Gary Burton JR  posted,

Today we lost our producer, Chris Scott. Chris joined the KARK 4 News and FOX16 News team in May of 2022 after 20 years in the new industry. He helped our newsroom flourish in so many ways. Please keep the Scott family in your thoughts and prayers. RIP.

Julie Craig posted,

My whole life is to have the right words, but I don’t have hardly any words right now because I’m in so much shock and sadness to hear the news of my good friend Chris Scott who passed away today. My heart is so heavy because he was the kindest soul and such a talented journalist. I will certainly miss him trying to find me football or basketball or baseball tickets at the last minute when I needed them. Life isn’t fair. I’ll forever save you a seat now. Rest easy, friend.

Ashlei King posted,

Today our 9 pm producer Chris Scott also passed away. I only communicated with him through emails since we worked opposite shifts, but I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about him from those who worked with him for decades.

My heart hurts for my TV family. Times like these put life into perspective. Please keep the Hughes and Scott families in your prayers, along with our TV family.


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