How did Chloe Dawe die? Farmer and Rugby player cause of death Explained

How did Chloe Dawe die? Farmer and Rugby player cause of death Explained

Farmer and rugby player Chloe Dawe was given a 90 percent chance of survival following her cancer diagnosis but passed away suddenly one night. Let’s see more about this rugby player Chloe Dawe and her cause of death.

Chloe Dawe Cause of death

A “beautiful, bright, happy” young woman who was described as “an absolute joy to be around” died as a result of a rare but known chemotherapy complication. Chloe Dawe, 22, passed away last year after being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma just four months earlier.

He was given a 90% chance of life and was responding favorably to treatment. He was a gifted rugby player who competed for the senior Cornwall ladies’ team. She was anticipating a recovery because her tumors had reduced when she passed away unexpectedly overnight.

An inquest held into her death at the Cornwall coroner’s court today (November 21) heard how she died at her home address in Launceston on December 10, 2021, and was found by her partner. She has been described as strong, determined, and having a “fabulous sense of humor”.

What did the doctors say about Chloe Dawe cause of death?

Despite a thorough examination of the body, Dr. Charlotte Randall, a forensic pathologist, testified at the inquest that she could not identify any “very major findings” either internally or externally that could explain how Chloe had died. All of her other organs “looked normal,” her heart “appeared normal,” and there were no visible infections, blood clots, or fluids that could have caused or contributed to her demise.

Large tumor masses or swollen lymph nodes that may have suggested the death was cancer-related were not seen by Dr. Randall either. The pathologist she referred the heart to for further testing found no significant evidence that would support a cardiac cause of death.

Dr. Randall responded that the medication can occasionally cause arrhythmia, an abnormal electrical connection within the heart that can sometimes go undetected during a post-mortem examination, to Coroner Andrew Cox’s question about whether the Chloe Dawe Cause of death might have been brought on by the chemotherapy medication.

Dr. Furtado, a consultant hematologist at Royal Cornwall Hospital, in Truro, and Chloe’s named treatment consultant, said that the 22-year-old underwent chemotherapy which was the most common treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. She said Chloe “was expected to have responded very well” to the treatment.

chemotherapy Complications

Chloe Dawe cause of death is whether the chemotherapy complications or More. She continued, saying that although Chloe had reported experiencing some heart palpitations, a careful examination had only revealed that her heart was beating “slightly quicker than normal.” It was discovered through a clinical examination and an ECG, a test to identify heart issues, that it was beating normally but faster than anticipated.

This was thought to be usual for a person getting chemotherapy. She referred to the specific chemotherapy medication Chloe was taking as having “cardiac adverse effects as a class of medications.” The weakening of the cardiac muscle is more frequently a side effect than arrhythmias, however, they do happen occasionally.
It is a known drug that has been used for many years and is known to have heart side effects.”

Coroner Andrew Cox provided a narrative explanation for her passing, stating that Chloe died from a recognized but uncommon consequence of medical therapy since doctors were unable to determine a cause of death.

It stated: “Chloe was only 22 when she was given a Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis in August 2021 after discovering a tumor in her neck. “She began chemotherapy and it went well with few side effects. A scan to check her progress showed the chemo was working and the tumors were barely visible which was great news, however, it also showed a new tumor had appeared.

Hides Pain in Smile

Chloe’s hair started falling out and she became ill when she had to undergo a heavier form of chemotherapy. Chloe never complained despite being unwell and always had a smile on her face. Her wonderful sense of humor and clever one-liners during chemotherapy had the staff in fits of laughter!

Everything was going well, and Chloe was successfully battling cancer with her incredible fortitude and resolve, until she tragically went away in peace on December 10, 2021, only four months after her diagnosis.

How did Chloe Dawe die? Farmer and Rugby player cause of death Explained

In Memory of Dawe

After Chloe passed away, a fundraising page was created in her honor, in which heartfelt tributes from her loved ones described how she had “left a massive hole” in the lives of everyone she knew.

We are all living with a tremendous void left by Chloe. She was stunning, cheery, joyful, and a complete delight to be around. She was a great friend to many people, had a contagious laugh, and would always look out for them. She was also incredibly humorous. Chloe was straightforward and always got right to the point! With Clo, you always knew where you stood!

She was a true gem, and everyone who knew her will always love and miss her. We want to raise money, and we have relatives and friends who want to contribute, and by utilizing this page, we can keep a running total in Chloe’s memory.

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