How did Jonathan Stock die? Did the Brit man commit suicide? Cause of death Explained

Jonathan Stock

The Police are looking into the death of Jonathan Stock who was discovered with a garbage bag wrapped around his head in Cambodia. Let’s see how the Brit man died and Jonathan Stock cause of death in detail.

British father’s mysterious death:

Lim Puthyla, the deputy provincial commissioner, said that the died foreigner was Jonathan Stock. He was a 34-year-old British man who lived with his Cambodian wife, Van Kanhna, 39, along with his two children in Chrap Veal village, Anlong Vil commune, Sangke district.

Jonathan was found dead in an suspicious manner by his wife, when she returned home on Wednesday in Battambang province.

How did Jonathan Stock die?

Jonathan Stock, 34, from Newcastle upon Tyne, was asleep at home when his wife Meiling, 39, took their two children to school. Her British husband of ten years was found dead by the doorway with a black plastic bag wrapped around his head when she came home three hours later.

Jonathan Stock

Chief Inspector Lim Puthyla stated that his team had spoken with Meiling and was investigating the shocking tragedy. He said: “We are closely looking at the case. Our investigators will interview other people who knew the deceased. We will find the true cause of death.”

Jonathan Stock cause of death?

Jonathan Stock was discovered dead on the Wednesday morning. His wife Meiling said, “I woke up my kid, and we went to her Chinese school. My hubby requested more sleep.”

“After school, I went to eat noodles at the market. When I arrived home around 9:20 am, I saw my husband dead by the doorway.”

According to reports, Meiling, who married the Christian missionary school teacher ten years ago, called her mother and brother for assistance and dialed 911.

Authorities are still investigating the Jonathan Stock cause of death. The death seems to be mysterious and the Jonathan Stock cause of death will be only revealed after the post-mortem report.

Did he commit suicide?

After an examination, police and forensic specialists initially determined that Jonathan’s death was a suicide. Rumors and arguments have erupted on Cambodian social media following the announcement of a British man’s death by alleged suicide.

Police stated that self-asphyxiation was the cause of death, which prompted questions about the manner of death. The man allegedly choked himself by wrapping a plastic bag around his head, according to the authorities.

The police were persuaded to look into the matter further because of rumors regarding his death. There were “inconsistencies” between Meiling’s testimony to the police and what she told reporters, according to the local media.

She told one journalist that Jonathan was making breakfast as she left, while implying to others that he was sleeping in bed. Neighbors said the pair was “often in conflict” and had “a dispute” the night before.

Jonathan Stock

Police are investigating if Jonathan had a heart attack, according to Ko Sun Kaing, the head of the Office of Serious Crimes. They are also awaiting the results of a post-mortem to determine Jonathan’s exact cause of death. Meiling admitted to leaving her spouse alone in the bedroom when she spoke with the police.

Who was Jonathan Stock?

Jonathan Stock was a native of England who had spent more than ten years in Cambodia. He wrote several publications on the Khmer language and taught at the Christian SBS school there. He assisted his wife in running their coffee shop business and was a native speaker and writer of the language.

Police are pleading with additional witnesses to come forward. In the meantime, Jonathan’s relatives in the UK had been informed, according to the British Embassy in Phnom Penh.

The Police said: “We request relevant local authorities to assist in this matter and allow the family makes proceed with funeral arrangements accordingly.”


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