How did Bob Lanier die? Cause of Death Explained

Bob Lanier was a basketball player in the United States. Bob Lanier, a Hall of Famer and veteran Detroit Pistons center, died on Tuesday night, according to the NBA. Let us see how did Bob Lanier die, and what was his cause of death.

How did Bob Lanier die

Commissioner Adam Silver said, “Bob Lanier was a Hall of Fame player and one of the most gifted centers in NBA history, but his impact went far beyond what he accomplished on the court.” According to National Basketball Association Bob Lanier, a Hall of Famer and veteran Detroit Pistons center died on 10 may night. His age was 73.

Bob Lanier Cause of Death

Bob Lanier died at the age of 73. The league didn’t specify what killed him, only that he died after a “brief illness.” Bob Lanier a basketball player caused death was illness. National Basketball Association confirmed the death of Bob Lanier.

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Bob Lanierès Matches and Retirement

The Pistons selected Lanier with the first overall choice in 1970 out of St. Bonaventure. The Buffalo, New York, native then spent the following decade with the Detroit Tigers, where he helped them to four playoff appearances and seven All-Star selections. During the 1979-80 season, he was transferred to the Milwaukee Bucks. Lanier retired in 1984 after finishing his career with the Bucks.

Lanier as NBA President

In 959 games, Lanier averaged 20.1 points and 10.1 rebounds. In 1992, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Lanier has also served as the president of the National Basketball Players Association, as well as assisting with the NBA’s “Stay In School” initiative, and as an assistant and temporary coach for the Golden State Warriors. He then spent the following several decades as an assistant to the commissioner and a global basketball promoter.

Early life

Robert Jerry Lanier Jr. was born in Buffalo, New York, on September 10, 1948, to Robert Sr. and Nannette Lanier. Lanier was initially turned down like a basketball player while growing up in Buffalo. When he tried out for his elementary school team, a coach advised him that his feet were too big for him to be a good athlete. New coach Fred Schwepker, who had Lanier in Biology class, urged him to try out again in his junior year. Lanier tried out once more. As a junior, Lanier averaged 21.5 points per game for Bennett High School and was chosen to the All-City team. He averaged 25.0 points per game as a senior and was named All-Western New York State. Bennett won Buffalo city titles both years. Lanier graduated in 1966 after his achievement under coach Schwepker.
Lanier was sought by over 100 schools, but he chose to attend St. Bonaventure University, where he would play for famed coach Larry Weise. Coach Weise explained, “There was recruiting competition, but the advantage I had, and what I marketed, was that his parents could come to watch him play.”


After starting the season 3–5, St. Bonaventure completed 17–7 in 1968–69.  Lanier set the St. Bonaventure single-game scoring record with 51 points against Seton Hall.  In 24 games, Lanier averaged 27.3 points and 15.6 rebounds. Lanier was chosen a second-team All-American once again, this time behind Lew Alcindor at the center.  Representatives from the American Basketball Association’s New York Nets approached Lanier during his junior year, offering him $1.2 million to leave school early and join the ABA. Lanier, on the other hand, elected to stay in school after his father’s suggestion.

St. Bonaventure finished the 1969–70 regular season with a 25–1 record and a No. 3 national rating, with Lanier averaging 29.2 points and 16.0 rebounds.
Lanier led St. Bonaventure to a Final Four appearance in the 1970 NCAA Tournament, scoring 28 points and 15 rebounds in an 80–72 win over Davidson College, 24 points and 19 rebounds in an 80–68 win over NC State, and 26 points and 14 rebounds in a 97–74 win over Villanova.

Fans and Friends of Bob Lanier

“Bob served as our global ambassador and special assistant to David Stern and later me for more than 30 years, touring the world to teach the game’s values and create a positive impact on young people everywhere. It was a labor of love for Bob, who was one of the most honest and lovely persons I’d ever met.

His significant impact on the NBA was also evident during his term as president of the National Basketball Players Association, where he was instrumental in negotiating a game-changing collective bargaining deal.

“Just witnessing how Bob interacted with people taught me so much.” He was a dear friend who I shall miss greatly, as will many of his NBA colleagues who were inspired by his generosity.”


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