Helen Rhodes died on plane: What happened? Explained


Helen Rhodes died on plane: What happened? Explained

‘On a trip from Hong Kong, midwife Helen Rhodes died suddenly while the family was returning from living there. Let’s see how Helen Rhodes died on plane and what happened to her in detail

What happened to Helen Rhodes?

Helen Rhodes, a mother, and midwife were called “one of a kind.” She spent 15 years living in Hong Kong while on the road with her family as part of a “new experience,” but when calamity struck, she was returning home.

After falling asleep a few hours into the journey, Helen was discovered to be unresponsive and unable to be revived. The tragedy became apparent at that point: Ms. Rhodes had passed very suddenly while sleeping.

Until they landed in Frankfurt, the family’s youngsters were forced to sit next to their mother in a “breathless sleep,” according to a friend of the family.

The “devastated” family was able to say their final farewells while sitting next to her, even though it was a “very traumatizing” experience, they continued. While Helen’s husband and children traveled to the UK, her body stayed in Germany.

The “glue that held the family together,” as they say, had been her. Jayne Jeje described Helen’s emotions before her final flight while organizing a fundraiser to support the distraught family.

Who is Helen Rhodes?

She uttered: “After residing in Hong Kong for more than 15 years, Helen and her family decided to start a new chapter in the UK.
Helen had not seen her family or aging parents since the pandemic started, so she was both anxious and delighted about the move but also looking forward to it.

Sadly, she was never able to reconnect with them. Helen was exceptional and a jewel. She was a midwife by trade and was always ready to offer assistance or guidance to those in need. Helen enjoyed conversing and was kind to everyone.

While residing in Hong Kong’s Tung Chung district, Ms. Rhodes had developed into the “pulse of her neighborhood” and was frequently stopped on the street by neighbors.

What did Jayne Jeje state about the incident?

Before her last trip, Jayne Jeje described Helen’s emotions to the grieving family and organized a fundraiser to support them.

Helen and her family “wrapped up a life in Hong Kong of over 15 years to embark on a new chapter living back at home in the UK,” the speaker added.

Having not seen her family or her aging parents since the pandemic started, Helen was both anxious and delighted about the move but was looking forward to seeing them again.

She regrettably never saw them again.

Jayne continued by saying that Helen had grown to be a valuable part of a maternity group in the area. And would be their go-to person for all things medical.

Jayne concluded the article with this tribute: “This fundraiser is to honor this great woman who was adored by so many, a good friend who affected so many lives.

“We can only hope that she was aware of how much she meant to us and how her absence can never be compensated for.
How unbearably painful and bizarre this loss is. The pain we experience paralyzes us. However, we are grateful to have met her.

Helen owned her own company where she produced custom bows and accessories.

A GoFundMe page has been created to “honor our dear friend Helen” and to assist the family with unforeseen bills.

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