East El Paso shooting: Sebastian Alexander killed and 5 hospitalised in the overnight shooting


_East El Paso shooting Sebastian Alexander killed
Sebastian Alexander was killed at the East El Paso shooting and 5 others were hospitalized. (Source: Facebook)


The East El Paso shooting resulted in one fatality and 5 others injured. After an inquiry, it was determined that the shooting victim was Sebastian Alexander, a resident of Denver, Colorado.

The heartbreaking tragedy left his family, friends, and community in mourning. The terrible news of a tragedy breaks the hearts of the victims’ loved ones.

The incident’s circumstances are still being investigated. Loved ones, friends, and the neighborhood have all been adversely affected by his demise.

Read ahead to learn more about the East El Paso shooting and what happened to the victim Sebastian Alexander.

East El Paso shooting

A fight that spilled onto the parking lot in front of the Duck Bar at 1160 Airway in East El Paso early on Thursday morning resulted in one man’s death and five other persons suffering significant injuries.

According to the police, six persons were shot as a result of the fight. How many shooters were involved is unknown. Five people with significant injuries were sent to nearby hospitals while one man passed away at the site.

During our research, we came to know that the dead victim was Sebastian Alexander, a resident of Denver, Colorado. Other than that there is no information provided so far.

As per the police statement, they were called to the incident at about 12:16 in the morning. Several witnesses are now being questioned by investigators. As the inquiry is ongoing, patrons of the nearby bars were required to leave their vehicles at the scene.

As of right present, the airway between Viscount and Edgemere is closed in both directions. Police will start to open portions of the Airway as they assess the site and gauge its size.

Several bars, including Ditzy Duck, Zocalo Cantina, Honest Abe’s, and District Pub, are located in the parking lot. When we have more information, we will update this story.

What happened to the victim Sebastian Alexander?

Sebastian Alexander, a Denver, Colorado native, was the dead victim, we learned via our investigation. There is currently no information available beyond that.

At this moment, details about the accident’s specific circumstances are few. The incident is being investigated intensively by police authorities contributing to circumstances. We want Sebastian’s family and friends to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Also, we understand the anguish and sadness that comes with such a life-altering loss, and we send our sincere sympathies and unwavering support.

May his family and friends find solace in the lovely memories they shared with him. May the love and support of people around them give them the courage they require now.

Read some social media condolence messages from Sebastian Alexander’s loved ones.

Leslie Sainz wrote,

No, this can’t be true Sebastian Alexander, this isn’t happening right now rest in peace I will miss you. 

Vanessa Nani wrote,

Life just isn’t fair sometimes .. there was never a time when I saw you and you weren’t smiling and laughing and just showing love to everybody!!! You were a real one FR!!! R.I.P Sebastian Alexander!

Dri wrote,

This is so sad smh man Rip Sebastian Alexander my heart hurts for his babies and family such a good soul gone too soon.

Cia Jay wrote,

My heart goes out to your family praying for your babies Rest In Peace Sebastian Alexander fly high friend one of the funniest people I knew forever in my heart love.

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please feel free to pay respects to Sebastian Alexander by leaving a note below or by sharing your memories of him.


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