Blaise Kalaba accident: Renowned comedian died tragically in a car accident, explained


Blaise Kalaba Renowned comedian died tragically in a car accident
Blaise Kalaba Renowned comedian died tragically in a car accident (Source: Facebook)


ANOTHER CAMEROONIAN COMEDIAN DIED IN A SERIOUS ACCIDENT: People in Cameroon are mourning the loss of Blaise Kalaba after learning that he was killed in a terrible vehicle accident.

The family and friends of well-known comedian Blaise Kalaba are in total misery as a result of an unforeseen catastrophe.

However, the investigations into the deaths of comedian Cabrel Nanjip and web comedian Samy Lenwr due to car accidents have not yet been finished.

A comedian is about to leave the stage after a disaster that killed four lives. Here’s what we know about Blaise Kalaba accident and his cause of death.

Cameroonian comedian Blaise Kalaba Died

Comedian Blaise Kalaba and four others perished in a tragic road accident. While returning from his uncle’s funeral in western Cameroon, Blaise Kalaba’s car collided with a General Voyage agency bus.

The impact was so violent that it took the life of the actor and the four other passengers present in the car. The news of this accident quickly made the rounds of the media and social networks, plunging Cameroon into consternation.

The mood is gloomy in Cameroon this morning following news of the tragic passing of one of the country’s most beloved comedians, Blaise Kalaba.

His sudden departure in a road accident is a cruel reminder of the challenges Cameroon faces in terms of road safety.

Blaise Kalaba’s Official Death Announcement

The following note was posted on Blaise Kalaba ’s official Facebook Page to inform his passing.  Great is my distress today. It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my uncle. Thank you very much for your messages of encouragement I’ll be back soon with many beautiful videos.

How did the accident happen?

This is following a collision between a passenger vehicle and a bus from the General Voyage agency. The tragedy occurred in the early morning of July 14 in Baré, not far from Nkongsamba in the department of Nkam (Littoral).

According to the first elements, a bus from the intercity transport agency General Voyage, which left Douala, collided with a Toyota Yaris brand passenger vehicle, in which there were five people.

Five other persons said to be in critical condition have been transported to a nearby health facility for medical attention.

The circumstances of the accident are not yet known, but the shock was fatal for the five passengers of the Yaris who all perished.

Among the victims, is comedian Blaise Kalaba, whose real name is Blaise Deffo Fosso. Trainee with our colleagues from Radio Balafon, he was one of the rising figures of humor in Cameroon.

He collaborated with the best known such as Tagne Kondom, Moustik le Karismatik… His death occurs a few days after those of Cabrel Nanjip and Samy Lenwr.

Raising awareness for road safety in Cameroon

This tragic accident highlights the urgency of increased awareness of road safety in Cameroon. It is a cruel reminder that vigilance is required on the road, for drivers and passengers alike.  

We also want to send a message to all drivers and passengers in Cameroon: be careful on the roads. An emblematic figure of Cameroonian comedy, Blaise Kalaba leaves the media industry a huge void.

His sketches, which made Cameroon laugh and far beyond, are only a distant memory. His last post on social networks, published a few hours before the tragedy, testifies to his joie de vivre, contrasting cruelly with the sadness that surrounds Cameroon today.

Who was Blaise Kalaba?

Blaise Kalaba was a well-known comedian from Cameroon best known for appearing on the Rire a Gogo program on Radio Balafon.

He also used to perform on stage, and plenty of people adored him for it. Additionally, Blaise had a respectable following base across a number of social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, where he shared footage of his performances.

He has been active on YouTube since 2018 and frequently shares videos of his stage performances there. Blaise Deffo Fosso popularly known by the stage name Blaise Kalaba Officiel was a comedian who presented at Radio Balafon at the show “Laugh A Gogo”, also “Le Diary Du Rire” with @massa Jakob.

He was a student at Nkongsamba and the DOUALA UNIVERSITY of Fine Arts. Blaise Kalaba is considered a young wolf with very long teeth in the world of Cameroonian humor.

Without a doubt, given his brilliance and the admiration he inspires people when performing. It’s because the young comic just looks at his audience, who he constantly makes fun of using anecdotes and events they’ve had or heard.

Fans and loved ones mourn Blaise Kalaba’s death

Fada posted,

Our hearts keep burning when we hear our fellow comedians keep dying Blaise Kalaba Officielele died in a motor accident this morning at about 3. am Cameroon time. Your fans and your families will in their hearts will never forget you. May his heavenly soul rest in peace.

Michèle Alima wrote,

Vanity of vanities. If it could serve as a lesson to us you who see your sister, your brother you despise the stars that sing every day I rent a house of… I have more money than that… That famous day will come and what shall we say to the lord?

Lafille Bams said,

Yesterday it was condolences for the death of your uncle today it’s rest in peace for yourself It’s sad but it’s life May those who will see 2024 be humble life is just around the corner… May God help us 

New Palava posted,

Yet again another sad news of death strikes Cameroon entertainment space. Comedian Blaise Kalaba has lost his life in a ghastly motor accident along Douala – bafoussam road. May his soul rest in peace.

We at Medico Topics send our deepest condolences to Blaise Kalaba’s family members, fans, and all loved ones. Please feel free to pay respects to Blaise Kalaba by leaving a note below or by sharing your memories of him.


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