Eamon and Bec Cancer Battle & Updates – All we need to know about the couple


Eamon and Bec Cancer Battle & Updates - All we need to know about the couple

Eamon and Bec are Canadian van life travelers from Toronto. On their well-known YouTube channel, you can regularly find videos about their life and adventures.

Additionally, they own Chaiwala, a tea business. The amusing challenges or inspiring tales that this fun-loving pair undertakes are never-ending. Also, another side from van life to Bec’s inspiring cancer battle.

we think you’ll quickly fall in love with Eamon and Bec of their inspiring stories. Keep reading to learn who Eamon and Bec are and what they do.

Also, we will discuss some of the most significant aspects of the couple like Bec’s complete cancer battle and updates on this page.

Eamon and Bec

Who Are Eamon and Bec?

Eamon and Bec are a Toronto-based couple who live full-time in a Sprinter van that they have renovated. They said that the purpose of this site is to encourage you to pursue your aspirations, no matter how big (or small—tiny dwellings anyone).

They want to build a group of good, like-minded people who will develop a bond with one another and help each other along the way. 

Couple’s Van life

Click here to listen to Eamon and Bec’s podcast episode at Podbean: www.podbean.

While working in corporate employment, Eamon and Bec met. The two ended up traveling together since they were both seeking more from life. They lived in a van for the first time in New Zealand.

To travel around Australia for two months, they leased a campervan. “We loved having our home with us,” Bec added. “We were at ease.

To us, it was like coming home. Eamon and Bec knew that one day they would return to life on four wheels, albeit they had no idea that van living was an entire movement.

These two are more than just campers. They are the proprietors and producers of Chaiwala, an all-natural chai tea company. A little over a year ago, they realized they needed to expand their reach if they wanted their company to succeed.

Finding a place to rent in their hometown of Toronto is a hassle, and flying across North America to visit coffee shops wasn’t the best option.

On March 29, they purchased a 2008 Mercedes Sprinter after realizing the possibility of the van’s life and started the process of making it their home.

Couple’s Cabin Life

Eamon and Bec bought a cabin on a lake in the Canadian forests towards the end of 2020. They recorded everything for their YouTube channel to renovate the 1970s-style cabin.

For the pair, the change from van living to cabin life went smoothly. On their channel, you can see all of their DIY endeavors and antics at the lake.

Earnings of Eamon and Bec

Eamon and Bec make money from YouTube among other places. They have more than a million subscribers, and several of their videos have received more than 500k likes.

It will undoubtedly result in consistent income. Additionally, they are the owners of Chaiwala Chai, a fair-trade tea made with organic ingredients. You may purchase their published cookbook online.


YouTube: Eamon and Bec

Instagram: @eamonandbec

Chaiwala: chaiwalachai.com

Podcast: Reroot

Website: eamonandbec.com


Bec’s cancer story

Bec shared his cancer journey completely on their @eamonandbec youtube channel. On December 21, 2021, Bec was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer after months of appointments and biopsies. Bec’s treatment plan begins with 8 rounds of chemotherapy.

Bec was identified as having breast cancer in December 2021. In this video, she talks about her diagnosis and her future plans. The video displays vulnerability and tells a story that both men and women can identify with.

Instead of sharing clickbait or drama for the sake of YouTube views, they opt to give information that is helpful. They deserve our admiration, and we wish them well on their path.

Bec about her IVF Treatment 

(Feb 6, 2022)

Additionally, Bec’s physician added that chemotherapy and other hormonal treatments have a high likelihood of causing her to enter early menopause and lower their chances of conceiving naturally.

Having children has always been something they’ve wanted, although Bec said they haven’t talked much about it in public.

So, her medical team offered them the chance to have one round of IVF in the hopes of freezing embryos to implant later (once she is cancer-free) and preserving their chances of having a biological child.

First Chemotherapy 

(Feb 20, 2022)

Following Bec’s diagnosis, her medical team came up with a treatment strategy that will give her the best chance of beating breast cancer at the age of 31. Eight cycles of chemotherapy are the first step.

If all goes according to plan, she will receive biweekly treatments until May 2022. The pair are hoping that the chemotherapy will eliminate any small tumor cells that may have spread throughout Bec’s body as well as all the cancer cells that are still present in her right breast.

She will continue to meditate and direct her energies towards healing even though there is no real way to tell how well her body is reacting to the treatment as she does it.

Moreover, Bec stated: she wants to take a second to thank you all again for being on this journey with us. We can genuinely feel the love we are receiving worldwide and know that it is a crucial part of our healing. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers

Bec’s Hair Loss Journey

After starting her chemotherapy Bec experienced severe hair loss and she explained her hair loss journey on her official channel. This is her hair loss journey (from 20 inches long to fully bald).

Bec’s hair loss journey picture (Source: Eamon & Bec Instagram) 

Bec’s statement

The hardest words I’ve heard lately have been “You have breast cancer” but this was followed closely by “You will lose your hair.” For as long as I can remember I have had long, healthy hair, and as I learned on this hair loss journey… this was a big part of my identity.

But what scared me more about losing all my hair to chemotherapy was that once I was bald I would be easily identified as a cancer patient.

Knowing that anyone could quickly see what I was going through and feel ‘sorry for me’ or ‘sad for me’ scared me even more.

This story begins with cutting 16 inches off my hair to hopefully make a wig from my hair. I then share a beautiful wig we’ve gotten to help me through those moments when I just want to feel a little ‘normal’ again. And last I share the troubling moments of hair shedding to the moment when we decide to shave my head.

Bec about her Exciting day of 2022: Last chemotherapy session

After 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 5 extremely challenging months, we are ELATED to say that we have FINISHED CHEMO!!

Since then I have shared my healing journey in the hopes that I may help that one person out there who is navigating a challenging time and feels alone.

Back when we first met with our oncologist, 16 weeks of chemotherapy sounded like a mountain I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to climb.

And while it has certainly been the hardest months of our lives I now know that I was given this mountain to show others it CAN be moved.

Watch video: Bec’s emotional day

Challenging decision: breast cancer surgery

Following a cancer diagnosis, a couple underwent five months of chemotherapy as well as a full round of IVF to preserve their fertility.

On July 17, 2022, they discussed everything from her six weeks after chemotherapy and the challenging choice of whether to have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy to the recuperation period and, eventually, the pathology findings of the operation.

Bec’s medical journey is regrettably not ended, as she will be getting ready to undergo another operation. She said that Bec underwent a lumpectomy in November to remove the tumor that was identified on her MRI data.

She went on to say that if any malignant cells were removed, it was important to take enough away so that the healthy cells could be seen clearly. Because Bec’s margins were unclear in that situation, a difficult choice called mastectomy (surgery) was made.

A lumpectomy is a procedure to remove some of the surrounding normal tissue as well as cancerous or other aberrant tissue from the breast, but not the actual breast. For a biopsy, some lymph nodes under the arm might be removed. If the malignancy is close to the chest wall lining, it might also be removed in part. Also known as partial mastectomy, quadrantectomy, segmental mastectomy, and breast-conserving surgery.

Bec’s post-surgery picture (Source: Eamon & Bec Instagram) 

Bec’s radiation planning

September 8 2020 was the last day of Bec’s radiation treatment 20 of 20. 

In January of 2022, Bec began her treatment plan which consisted of 1 full round of IVF to preserve her fertility, 8 rounds of intensive chemotherapy, another partial mastectomy (breast surgery), and finally 20 rounds of radiation.

Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) is a cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. At low doses, radiation is used in X-rays to see inside your body, as with X-rays of your teeth or broken bones.

Update: Bec’s cancer journey status (April 30, 2023)

Eamon and Bec’s status is not positive after successful treatments and surgery when they receive some unfavorable news on April 30, 2023.

What were their comments on the unexpected call?

Welcome back to our cabin in the woods. We haven’t been here since Bec finished treatment for breast cancer and there are so many difficult memories in these spaces.

Then, receiving a call back for another mammogram and biopsy sent us into a bit of a spiral. We are trying to remain positive and we appreciate each and every one of you!

We really debated whether or not to post this episode but you all have been a part of our breast cancer journey from day 1. It feels like you should definitely be a part of the story as it continues.

A biopsy is done when mammograms, other imaging tests, or a physical exam shows a breast change that may be cancer. A biopsy is the only way to know for sure if it’s cancer.
Watch the entire story about Bec’s cancer update


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