Captain kori died: Fan of pirates of the Caribbean & YouTuber of Kraken The Box passed away, cause of death explained


Captain Kori, a Fan of Pirates of the Caribbean & YouTuber of Kraken The Box passed away.
Captain Kori, a Fan of Pirates of the Caribbean & YouTuber of Kraken The Box passed away (Image source: Facebook)


A young pirate warrior died: Captain Kori of Kraken The Box Sadly passed away. Today, Kori a beautiful boy went to heaven and lost his fight for his new transplant. We are grateful that you united a global community around our shared love for you.

Moreover, for being an inspiration to numerous adults and sick children all over the world. Let’s salute our skipper Kori and wish him a peaceful death. We won’t forget you. Read ahead to know more about his life and Captain Kori cause of death.

The YouTuber of Kraken The Box passed away

The 20th anniversary of the 2003 Disney classic Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was supposed to be a day of celebration for fans, but instead some sad news has arrived that all crew members will fly their flags at half-mast.

As a result of Kori, nicknamed Kraken the Box, passing away, the fandom has lost one of its most notable members.


Captain Kori mom’s Posted an emotional video to announce his passing (Video Sorce: Facebook)

The bravest little Captain who has battled his whole life with multiple heart transplants and illness passed away peacefully this evening in his mom’s arms.

YouTube introduced Kori to so many through his Johnny Depp videos and showed us how brave he and his family truly are. We love you, Kori.

Captain kori died

Captain Kori Cause of death

Captain Kori is a young YouTube pirate captain who lives in England while receiving hospice care, yet he leads as full a life as he can. Kori has had a severe cardiac condition since birth.

He had received two heart transplants, but a third was now required. Given the discomfort and the lifestyle changes necessary, he decided against undergoing another transplant procedure. However, he lost his fight for his new transplant. 

Mum Pixi requests privacy but continues to run his website. She will eventually read every message posted in the Community section of his channel.

Kori died in her arms, his mother Pixie Wynter Travers-Stovell reported on Facebook. She stated in a tearful video update: 

“I just wanted to let you all know rather than putting a status up that Kori passed away in my arms. Just before half past seven this evening. The paramedics are here and they’ve confirmed his death. I’m beside him right now. He went fairly peacefully. He’s currently lying in his bed in his bedroom. His captain’s hat is beside his head and he has a pirate flag over him.“

“I thought I wanted to let you all know personally rather than on status. And thank you all for your support. I would like to ask that you carry on Kori’s channel subs and interest in his videos. Because I’m not letting his channel go. And for all of those who tried to make Kori’s wish come true while he was here… thank you. I don’t know what to do. He was my baby boy. I’ll keep you all updated.“





About Captain kori

Kori, a YouTuber and fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean, has had two unsuccessful heart transplants and decided against a third.

In palliative care today, the youngster and his family are present. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome was Kori’s birth defect.

His body rejected his initial heart transplant in March 2018 and after a gruelling operation in January 2019, his second heart was rejected by his body.

Kori won’t proceed with another, it has been decided after negotiations with his family and medical staff.

Kori’s mum Kerrylee said: “We are making the most of whatever time we have left by not going to school — bonus — not really doing any housework, living in our pajamas and just slumming it really. “We’re just kind of focusing on making life as good as we possibly can and having as much fun as we can when we can.”

Kori is a remarkable little kid from the U.K. who was fortunate enough to have Johnny Depp and a host of internet celebrities push him to earn a silver play button in about four days after revealing during his Make-A-Wish call that he wanted to be a YouTuber.

He’s been doing unboxing videos, demonstrating what hospice is like in advance of his passing, and just taking in all the love and support that people are sending his way from all around the world.

The young YouTuber had several health issues that led to the placement of him in palliative care and the prediction that he would not live long.

Johnny Depp Created A Make-A-Wish Video

When actor Johnny Depp dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow to support him in accomplishing his bucket list objective of gaining 100,000 YouTube subscribers last December, he went viral.

Since then, the channel has amassed over 200,000 subscribers. He got his Silver Play Button, which was a real treasure for a pirate like him. Kori adored the notion of being a pirate and was a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

He even had the chance to chat on the phone with Jack Sparrow, his hero. Hopefully, wherever his journeys in the afterlife take him, they will be on calm waters leading to the far-off shores of heaven, where the young pirate captain can experience many adventures and find plenty of riches. Captain Kori, we salute you and will miss you.

We at Medicotopics send our deepest condolences to Kori’s family and loved ones during this difficult time. May god bless this beautiful family and give them strength in the days and weeks and months ahead as they deal with the tragic loss of their wonderful, brave, and smiley boy.


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