‘Big’ John Martin death: Former Cherokee Braves Nation player passed away after a brief illness

'Big' John Martin died. (Source: Facebook)
‘Big’ John Martin died. (Source: Facebook)


The news of “Big” John’s passing has shocked everyone at Cherokee Central Schools. They say they still lack the words with which to adequately convey their gratitude for his friendship and for the opportunity to share so many memories with Big John. His loved ones are in our prayers and our thoughts. Keep reading to know more about ‘Big’ John Martin and his cause of death in detail.


Who was ‘Big’ John Martin?

‘Big’ John Martin previously played for the Cherokee Braves Nation. He attended Cherokee High School and Western Carolina University for his academic pursuits.

John was undoubtedly well-known for his stature, strength, and athleticism among the Braves Nation. He had a significant impact at Cherokee High School both on and off the field. Those who were lucky enough to have met him personally, however, will always talk of the peace and friendliness he radiated from behind that radiant grin.

John possessed exceptional gifts, which he freely gave to everyone. There are countless tales that might be told about his athletic prowess.


How did ‘Big’ John Martin die?

Former Cherokee Braves Nation player “Big” John Martin passed away.

On Facebook, his brother Moose Spirit Littlejohn broke the heartbreaking news that Big John Martin had passed away.

He wrote,

RIP MY Brother John Martin my life will never be the Same I’m broken my family broken”

On Facebook, Cherokee Central Schools conveyed their sympathies to “Big” John Martin’s family, friends, and former students.

Cherokee Central School wrote, “Cherokee Central Schools would like to send our condolences to the family, friends and classmates of “Big” John Martin. All of us here at CCS are saddened by the news of “Big” John’s passing. Our prayers and thoughts are with his loved ones. Once A Brave, Always A Brave. #54 #chsclassof2003 #BravesNation #onceabravealwaysabrave”

Former coaches of “Big” John Martin also wrote on Martin’s passing.They claim that it is as difficult for them to comprehend John’s passing as it is to learn that Superman has passed away.

Coach Mike Winchester said: “I truly struggle to understand that John is gone. To me it’s like hearing that Superman died. John had extraordinary gifts and he shared them with us freely. I could share so many stories of his athletic achievements. But, that would not cover the main part of John. His kindness and heart always shown through his ever present smile. His ability to discern what needed to be done and his willingness to do just that was extraordinary. I hope I can pass along some of the love and kindness “Big John” possessed.”

Coach Skooter McCoy said: “John was definitely known in the Braves Nation for his size, strength and athleticism. His contributions to Cherokee High School on and off the field were obviously tremendous. However, those of us fortunate enough to have known him personally will always speak of his calm and friendly demeanor nestled behind that million dollar smile. The young man truly never met a stranger. Big John as he was often referred was deeply loved by this community and will never be forgotten. I’m sure he and Coach Mutt have already shared a nice long hug followed by great laughter. Rest easy big boy.”

His constant smile served as a constant reminder of his thoughtfulness and love. It was astonishing how he could see what needed to be done and how eager he was to take action. Big John, as he was frequently called, was adored by this neighborhood and will always be remembered.


‘Big’ John Martin cause of death

We regret having to let you know that ‘Big’ John Martin passed away following a brief illness. John Martin was thought to have an outgoing personality. Given the recent news, many people must be interested in learning the reason of death for John Martin.

Ten days ago, John Martin suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to a hospital in Atlanta. He has brain damage as a result of the cardiac arrest. The doctors indicated they were really worried about his brain injury and that there was a chance he wouldn’t wake.

Then the brain injury caused him to exhibit seizure-like symptoms. His CT scan revealed that his brain had gotten worse, in spite of all the prayers and well intentions, and he eventually passed away from the illness.


Tributes to ‘Big’ John Martin

Many individuals said how dearly they loved him and how deeply they felt for his family.

Elvia wrote: “Dang John, diyotsinvdi💔 Still don’t have the words to express my gratitude for his friendship & to be able to share so many memories w/ ol’ Big John. I can hear him coming to annoy me, “what’s up Al” or, “hey big Al”, knowing I hated when my aunt called me that 😂

Donald Jackson wrote: “You never knew when he was being serious. He could tell you a whole story and have you believing it then be like nah. He was always there for advice but he always kept me on my toes. Knocking me off my feet during walk thru (I looked like the dude in the video) or rolling on my back acting like he couldn’t get up when we did goal line. That was him tho. He made it fun. Prayers for all his family and friends. Love you big fella!”

The funeral arrangements for ‘Big’ John Martin will be made public at a later time, according to the family. This suggests that the family is making preparations and will give the required information about his passing and the planned burial ceremony as soon as possible.

We send our sympathies to ‘Big’ John Martin’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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