Baby Sagini update: Maina Ochoki is the main suspect in gouging out the kid’s eyes

Maina Ochoki

Maina Ochoki is identified as the main suspect in Baby Sagini’s case. He has been arrested by DCI on Monday. Let’s see who is  Maina Ochoki and why he removed the kid’s eye in detail.

Who Maina Ochoki?

Maina Ochoki is identified as the main suspect in Baby Sagini’s case by DCI Kenya. Ochoki was detained for gouging out the kid’s eyes. The horrifying act is alleged to have been performed by Maina Ochoki and his mother, who is supposed to be hiding. In the interim of the incident’s investigation, the prosecution was permitted to detain the suspect for five days.

The first and primary suspect in the case involving the kidnapping and eye gouging of a three-year-old boy has finally been taken into custody by police in Kisii.

The victim’s first cousin was captured on Sunday, December 18 in the evening. According to the source, he is being detained and held at Marani Police Station awaiting arraignment at the Kisii Law Courts today Monday, December 19.

What happened to Baby Sagini?

The suspects kidnapped Baby Sagini and gouged out his eyes. They dumped him on the family’s banana plantation. The boy’s grandma went to the spring searching for him, but she was unable to discover him. The boy was found six hours after he was kidnapped from his family’s banana plantation.

He was identified in an Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County, on Wednesday evening, December 14, 2022. He had both of his eyes totally removed, and his eyelids had suffered significant damage. So it appears like a sharp object, like a knife, was used, the doctor added.

Kissi Governor’s statement:

Kisii Governor Hon Simba Arati visited Baby Sagini at Kisii Eye Hospital on Sunday and cleared the medical accounts. Baby Sagini ‘s eyes were gouged out by unknown individuals who are now being pursued by the Police. Previously, Mike Sonko, a former governor of Nairobi, has vowed Ksh400,000 to any police officer who kills members of the gang accountable for gouging out Sagini’s eyes.

Dr. Kiage added, “He will have to live like that forever. Unfortunately, according to Dr. Kiage, there is nothing in the world that can restore Baby Sagini’s sight. His eyes were completely removed. There is no technology in existence that can help the baby’s eyesight.

Governor Simba asked the police to look into the situation quickly and prosecute the offenders while speaking at the institution. “I would like to thank the Police… I’m told they are making headways in investigating the matter “, Arati said

Baby Sagini’s Father Emotionally Rebuts Charges He Removed Son’s Eyes. He was detained after it came to light that he had accompanied his mother to board a bus for Nairobi just after the horrible deed was committed on the youngster, according to Hillary Kaino, the case’s prosecutor.

Kaino added that the police were actively looking for more suspects who are currently at large. The prosecution was permitted to hold the suspect for five days pending investigations into the incident.

Why did Maina Ochoki remove kid’s eye:

The three-year-old boy’s cousin who brutally attacked him and removed his eyes has been detained. The man who dragged a child’s eyes in Kisii has been arrested. According to investigators, the suspect, and his mother, Pacifica planned to attack the infant and amputate his eyes as part of a strange ritual.

The child mentioned his name as Maina Ochoki (Baby Sagini’s Cousin). It is considered that Maina and his Mother Pacifica gouged out Baby Sagini’s eyes. Maina plotted with his mother in December 2021 and killed his father.

The eyes were taken to be used as rituals. Pacifica is at-large and sources have dispatched information that Pacifica is hiding at Kasarani. Police seized Maina Ochoki who was ready to run. He had already packed his clothes to run.


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