Babbs Mill park lake tragedy: How did the three children die after falling into the icy lake in Solihull, explained

A six-year-old kid is struggling for his life after being dragged from a freezing lake in Solihull yesterday, where three youngsters, ages eight, ten, and eleven, died. Let’s see about Babbs Mill park lake tragedy in detail.


Babbs Mill park lake tragedy

The heartbreaking update follows a night of searching the water in Babbs Mill Park in Kingshurst, the scene of the incident, by search teams.

After 999 crews were summoned to reports of six youngsters in the water yesterday afternoon, it is believed that two more children have died.

A spokeswoman for the West Midlands Police confirmed the heartbreaking news this morning and stated:

“Three boys have tragically died after falling into the lake at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull yesterday afternoon.”

“The boys, aged 12, 11 and 8 were rushed to hospital after being pulled from the water.”

“Sadly, they could not be revived and our thoughts are with their family and friends at this deeply devastating time.

We’ll have specialist officers offering them as much support as we can.”

“A fourth boy, aged 6, remains in a critical condition in hospital.”

Special team Search

Authorities said it would “no longer be a search and rescue operation” when temperatures plunged, so specialized teams spent the night searching the lakes.

Police are there at the tragedy’s scene this morning as divers search the water.

Image : Getty Images.

The police statement from this morning added,

“Searches of the lake are continuing as we seek to establish exactly what happened and if anyone else fell into the water.”

“We understand how distressing this is for the families and the wider community.”

“We would ask people to not speculate or share any video footage at this stage.”

Four children were pulled alive from the lake by police last night, according to the police, and one officer contracted hypothermia in the process.

It’s thought that the kids were having fun on the ice at the time.

Police Statement

West Midlands Police Superintendent Richard Harris stated last night that officers from all emergency services entered the river to aid in the rescue, and a police officer was later sent to a hospital.

He said:

“When officers first arrived on the scene, they went into the lake, together with fire and ambulance colleagues.”

“It was a combined effort of all officers going into the lake to try to rescue them.”

One of the police officers, it was revealed at the press conference, experienced moderate hypothermia but is now “full recovery” in the hospital.

All of the emergency agencies sent crew members into the water in an effort to save the kids.

Image  : SWNS

Three other kids were pulled from the sea after three crew members swam to the first child. Four kids were transported to area hospitals.

Medical Update

Four kids who were experiencing cardiac arrest were treated on the spot and taken to the hospital while being transported by blue lights.

Advanced life support was given to them, and two of them were transferred to Heartlands Hospital and two to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

When they arrived, all four were in serious condition.

There were no more available medical updates.

Ambulance Service Statement

In a statement last night West Midlands Ambulance Service said:

“After being rescued, the four children were immediately assessed and actively treated at the scene by ambulance staff. All four were taken on blue lights to hospital, each with an enhance care team travelling with the ambulance crew, with treatment ongoing.

“Two were taken to Birmingham Childrens Hospital and two to Heartlands Hospital. All four children were said to be in a critical condition on arrival.

“The Hazardous Area Response Team continued to work with colleagues from police and fire at the scene until around 6.30pm to ascertain if there was anyone else in the water. Ambulance resources have now stood down.”

The tragedy unfolded yesterday afternoon as children played on the ice. 


Solihull Council Statement

Ian Courts, the leader of Solihull Council, and Karen Grinsell, his deputy, paid a visit to the cordon at Babbs Mill Lake. Both praised the courage of the emergency service rescue crews.

“This is just about as bad as it gets… a dreadful situation. We are completely stunned at what’s happened.

“We are still awaiting more news. Clearly our thoughts and prayers have to be with the families in this situation. I can hardly imagine what the families are going through.”

Schools Closed

Today, a school nearby to the massive Babbs Mill Lake search operation was shuttered, and those concerned were asked to please “keep them in their prayers.”

According to Birmingham Live, St Anthony’s Primary School in Kingshurst tweeted yesterday night that it would be closed today.

It was unknown if the occurrence had a direct impact on it.

People Comments

Sarah Honsen tweeted,

“Utterly heart wrenching. I truly hope the little 6 year old pulls through for his family and the community’s sake. Thoughts with all those 999s involved rethinking last night. You all did the very best you could.”

Maggie B tweeted,

Heartbreaking. Praying for the family and friends of the boys, the emergency personnel, medical teams, and the community Absolutely tragic. RIP little ones.”

Sarah tweeted,

“I do hope the families will get plenty of support. This is awful at the best of times but when the presents are round the tree, it’s beyond devastating.”

Jane Bissel tweeted,

“May God be with them and May their families find comfort during this difficult time.”

Luke stokes tweeted,

“Awful awful news. God bless those poor kids and their families.”


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