Asra Abdullah Alsehli and Amaal found dead: What happened?


Asra Abdullah Alsehli and Amaal found dead: What happened?

The Saudi sisters’ bodies were discovered; the case has not been solved. Let’s see How Asra Abdullah Alsehli and Amaal were found dead and What happened to them in detail

Asra Abdullah Alsehli and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli: Who are they?

Beginning in June, the bodies of sisters Asra Abdullah Alsehli (24) and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli (23) were discovered in their Sydney apartment.

Asra Abdullah Alsehli and Amaal found dead in sydney apartment.

Although the women’s bodies are thought to have been in the flat since early May, authorities stated late last month that they are still unsure of how they died.

It was widely reported recently that the sisters were fully dressed and in a state of advanced decomposition, contrary to original claims that the pair were discovered naked in their separate beds.

The manager of the apartment complex where the women were discovered, Michael Baird, had told the ABC that the sisters were “extremely terrified of something” and had voiced concerns about someone messing with their food delivery.

The women had also been worried about a man perhaps watching them from across the street, another employee of the building told the newspaper.

What happened to them?

The cops are still unsure of what happened to them two months later. Police in Australia discovered the sisters’ bodies at the start of June.

The police claimed that there was an accumulation of old mail in front of the door at the time, and the sisters had not paid their rent for some months, according to the BBC.

When they got inside the apartment, they discovered the sisters dead in their respective bedrooms.

No woman displayed any overt evidence of harm.

What did the police state about the incident?

The girls’ deaths are being treated as strange and uncommon by the authorities. who believe they had been there since the beginning of May. Additionally, the unit had no traces of a break-in.

Why this case causes a lot of attention?

The police have still not provided a conclusive explanation for the sisters’ disappearance two months after they were found.

The Sydney coroner has not reached a decision in the case regarding how the woman died.
Additionally, the preliminary toxicology and autopsy findings did not reveal the exact cause of death.

On numerous occasions, the police have requested assistance from the public in locating leads in the case.

In Australia, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the sisters’ passing, and many have conjectured as to what transpired.

The two ladies were taken back to Saudi Arabia last week, where they were buried by Islamic customs, according to an article published on Thursday by The Guardian.

Although it is reported that they had spoken with the police in the Australian state of New South Wales, the sisters’ family has not spoken to the media since they were discovered dead.

Sisters attended a queer event for women in January.

In 2017, the two siblings left Saudi Arabia for Australia and asked for asylum there. 

However, it is unknown what prompted them to submit an asylum application.

The Australian media said that one of the women must have left Saudi Arabia due to her sexual orientation, while the other must have left because she had converted to atheism. 

The orthodox Muslim nation forbids both atheism and homosexuality.

According to The Guardian, the sisters spoke at a queer event for women in January on the anxiety that LGBT women experience in Saudi Arabia.

One woman claimed to have discussed with the other women how risky it is for Saudi women to be outwardly gay, according to the Guardian. 

that they were in danger and were targets because they were outspoken about their sexuality.

A diverse way of the police investigation

The possibility that the sisters may have been afraid of being persecuted for their sexuality in their native country is one of the areas New South Wales Police is looking at.

According to the Human Rights Watch World Report for 2022, judges in Saudi Arabia use guidelines from uncodified Islamic law to punish people suspected of engaging in extramarital sexual activity.

It includes relationships between people of the same gender, even though the country has no written laws addressing sexual orientation or gender identity.


What did the neighbors say about the saudi sisters?

Both women lived and worked in Sydney, and according to their neighbors, they tended to keep to themselves.

The sisters reportedly urged building manager Michael Baird to inspect the surveillance cameras in the hallway months before they were discovered dead.

According to Baird in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, they were concerned that someone had tampered with their food.

He reviewed the video footage, but they were unable to find any evidence to support that.

According to Baird, the sisters appeared anxious and as if they were afraid of something.

Quite Feels intimidated

Saudi women in Australia have reacted to the news of the sisters’ deaths.

Many of us always check behind us, an Australian activist named Saffaa told the BBC.

She only reveals her first name to the media out of concern that she might be recognized.

She claims that women who have escaped the Saudi dictatorship may be in danger from the Saudi regime and the families of those ladies. Even after they have relocated to different nations.

Saffa is referring to Dina Ali Lasloom, who escaped to the Philippines in 2017 before being compelled by family members to return to Saudi Arabia.

Since then, nobody has heard from her.

What did saffa convey to the media?

After successfully escaping Saudi Arabia and residing in Sydney for five years, Saffaa tells the BBC that she finds it highly improbable that the sisters would have killed themselves.

The sisters were well-known to the city’s other Saudi Arabian asylum seekers, according to her, and they had lost touch with the women six months before their discovery.

According to Saffaa to the BBC, “Something went extremely wrong for them,” leading to their growing isolation and fear.

The residence where the women were discovered is currently available for rent.

According to the poster, two deceased bodies have been discovered on the property, and police are still looking into the matter.

It also mentions that the police believe this is not a random crime and won’t pose a danger to society.

However, this sisters case remains a Mystery.


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