Ana Walshe missing: Did husband murder his wife? Brian Walshe is arrested for missing Cohasset woman


Ana Walshe missing: Did husband murder his wife? Brian Walshe is arrested for missing Cohasset woman

Ana Walshe missing case: The disappearance of Ana Walshe is a very strange mystery. The mother of three, 39, has vanished under mysterious circumstances.


Over the past two days, dozens of our members have led the search for 39-year-old Ana Walshe of Cohasset. Troopers from numerous sections including members of SERT, K-9, Dive Team, Air Wing, and others responded and conducted an extensive ground search which was finally halted last night. From here our dedicated members of the Norfolk County SPDU as well as Cohasset Police will continue their work in the investigation into the woman’s disappearance.

As of right now, Brian Walshe, Ana Walshe’s husband, has been detained on suspicion of deceiving police authorities announced Sunday. Let’s explore whether Ana Walshe really disappeared, whether her husband murdered her, and the specifics of Brian Walshe’s arrest for a missing Cohasset woman in detail.


Did Ana Walshe’s husband murder her?

Authorities reported on Sunday that the husband of the missing mother Ana Walshe, 39, had been taken into custody. Brian Walshe, 46, was detained and accused of deceiving a police inquiry.

According to the police, Brian Walshe, 46, was detained and accused of perjuring a police investigation. On Wednesday, two days after she was last seen, Ana Walshe was reported missing by her husband, Brian.

Police searched their home the day before and went back there early on Sunday. With police cars lining the street, several kids were seen fleeing the house. “The ground search will not resume unless investigators acquire new information that warrants it,” the Cohasset Police Department stated on Saturday.

On New Year’s Day, Ana was last observed at her residence. At the time of her disappearance, she was scheduled to take a rideshare to Logan Airport, where she would subsequently fly to Washington, D.C., on a work-related trip. Investigators were able to establish that she never entered the aircraft, but they could not establish whether or not she used a ride-sharing service.


Massachusetts Police Statement 

The Massachusetts State Police and Cohasset police who were looking into Ana Walshe’s disappearance came to have “probable cause” to think that her husband “had committed the felony of deceiving police investigators,” according to the district attorney’s office.

The district attorney stated that they are not anticipating disclosing any additional information at this time regarding how Brian Walshe allegedly deceived police while they look for his missing wife.

Officials did not immediately disclose any information about how he is accused of deceiving police. When Brian Walshe is scheduled to be arraigned in Quincy District Court on Monday, further information might become available.


Why were the cops suspicious of Ana’s Husband?

After her husband didn’t hear from Ana for three day’s he made contact with Ana’s friend/co-worker in D.C and asked if he had seen her and he said no so they reported her missing on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Ana’s husband tells police that it’s normal for her to go 3 days without contacting them, but her college’s and family said she wouldn’t go a day without contacting her husband and her children.

Speaking of Ana’s husband, Brian Walshe (who police say is cooperating with the investigation) recently pleaded guilty in federal court to charges of selling fake Andy Warhol prints to an investor. He is waiting to be sentenced. Ana is also mentioned in some of the documents as an involved party. Cohasset’s Police Chief said this morning, Brian’s case is not related to Ana’s disappearance.

Ana Walshe missing: What happened to her?

Ana Walshe lives in a home with her husband, his mother, and their 3 young children on Chief Justice Cushing Highway in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

A family member of Ana’s last saw her on New Year’s Day at about 4-5 AM, when she allegedly left the house to grab a rideshare to take her to Logan for an early flight to DC.

She owns a townhouse in Washington, DC where she is a real estate professional. She stays in DC during the week and she travels to her home in Cohasset to spend weekends with her family.

The mother is still missing and police are asking for the public’s assistance in finding her. She was last seen by a family member at her Cohasset home around 4 or 5 a.m. Sunday.

Her husband reported her missing on Wednesday, and her workplace in Washington, D.C. also told authorities that she had not been seen.

Walshe is reported as being 5’2″ tall and weighing about 115 pounds. According to state and local police, detectives are continuing “different investigative steps” to find Walshe.

She talks with an Eastern European accent and has brown hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion.

What were the suspicious hints that the cops uncovered?

Several agencies, including Cohasset police, said they have been working “around the clock” on this case during a news conference held on Friday.

Also on Friday, just after 2 p.m., a fire started at the Walshe family’s previous residence on Jerusalem Road in Cohasset. Police stated that they left in April after first stating that it was too soon to determine whether the fire was related to Walshe’s disappearance.

Authorities announced on Saturday that they had found the fire’s unintentional and non-suspicious cause, which was damaged piping near a natural gas fireplace insert where it started.

The fire did not cause any injuries. Before firefighters arrived on the site, four individuals, including a 21-month-old baby, managed to safely flee, according to officials.

What did Ana’s friends and neighbors confess?

Neighbors tell that they are currently unsure of how to interpret everything. A Cohasset resident named Laura stated, “I’m just here like everyone else trying to figure out what’s going on in my area.” Walshe, a wife, and mother of three young boys wouldn’t go days without interacting with her family, according to friends.

Her friend Evan Turell stated, “This is very unlike her and I believe that is part of the shock.” She would never skip a day of communication with her spouse and her boys.

Walshe was scheduled to take a ride-share from her house to Logan Airport to board a trip to Washington, D.C., where she worked as a real estate executive, according to the police.

Police claim to be able to confirm that she did not board a plane, but they are still unsure as to whether or not she used a ride-sharing service. Turell continued, “This is truly mind-boggling and heartbreaking. There are no words,

Police said that while Walshe has been gone, they have not been able to find any technological traces of her. Authorities in D.C. inspected Walshe’s property there but found no sign of her there. According to police in Cohasset, they have been working together to find her. Detectives are asking anyone with information on Walshe’s whereabouts to call them at 781-830-4990.

This is an ongoing investigation case. Check back later for updates on the missing woman Ana Walshe.



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