Allante Leapheart accident: Former EKU football player died in a crash

Allante Leapheart died in an accident. (Source: GoFundMe)
Allante Leapheart died in an accident. (Source: GoFundMe)


Allante Leapheart, a former EKU football player, unfortunately died in an accident on July 16, 2023. Being good enough is the least of Leapheart’s worries considering the football career he’s had. The Lakers and every other school Leapheart has attended previously won’t forget him.

Everyone who knew Allante Leapheart will feel the void left by his passing. His kindheartedness, commitment, and love of the game will be remembered warmly by his family, friends, and coworkers. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Allante Leapheart accident:

On July 16, 2023, Allante Leapheart, also known as Red, passed away in an accident. His family, friends, and coaches from his prior football teams are still in disbelief over Allante Leapheart’s untimely passing.

Allante Leapheart’s passing was reported on a GoFundMe page that his friend Kalei Aukai had set up to help with family bills.

It read,

“I write this with a heavy heart, this is something I would never have dreamed of writing or making but here we are. On July 16th, my dearest friend Allante Leapheart….also known my Red to many, tragically passed away in an accident.

Although this is a time where we are all hurting, I wanted to make this to raise funds for Allante’s family so they don’t have to worry about any financials that are coming their way. Allante was the greatest person I have crossed paths with, he always cared for others more than himself, he always put his best foot forward, he was strong in his faith, he wanted to better not only his life but everyone’s life around him and that is why he was so special.

Allante was the type of guy you want by your side no matter what you are going to face and I am glad I got to face different things with him as a friend, a brother, and a teammate.

I know a lot of people cared for him so I hope we can come together and raise whatever we can to provide to his family for the support they may need during this time of tragedy. Anything helps and feel free to share your story/interaction with Allante if you have one.” 

Allante Leapheart’s accident has recently drawn a lot of interest and is a hot topic. People have expressed their concerns and apprehensions about the situation from all walks of life. Official police findings have not yet been made public due to ongoing investigations into the disaster, which has led to public rumours and aroused attention.

Allante Leapheart’s family and friends were shocked and devastated by the news of this tragic tragedy. The public’s interest in and desire for more information has increased due to the demand for more exact information surrounding the accident. The official police reports, which will provide more information about the incident’s circumstances, are eagerly awaited.


Who was Allante Leapheart?

Allante Leapheart, a cornerback for GVSU, began his life’s journey as a young child living on the west side of Detroit with his mother, grandmother, and two uncles. Leapheart’s granny, a third-grade teacher, instilled in him from an early age the importance of paying attention in class.

His uncle didn’t sign him up to play until he was old enough to throw a football. Leapheart, a natural-born athlete, can’t recall a time when football wasn’t constantly a part of his life. He recalls being around the game, whether it was watching it on Sundays with his family or dreaming he was tall enough to play quarterback. He also remembered going to see his uncles play on Fridays with his grandma.

Leapheart was only ten years old when his grandmother died. Even after she passed away, Leapheart continued to seek out her counsel and found a way to pay tribute to her.

Leapheart and his family were determined to support him in making an attempt to make the Grand Rapids Community College football team after he graduated from high school in 2011. But because of his family’s situation, he took the courageous choice to remain and support his mother. But to him, it scarcely seemed like a choice at all.

Leapheart worked odd jobs for about four years to help pay the expenses before making the decision to enrol in college. He chose to attend Mendocino Junior College in Ukiah, California, once his mother had settled down with her new spouse.

After a break from playing football, the season was nothing short of enjoyable. Leapheart was named All-Conference after recording 49 tackles and five interceptions.

Due to a shortage of on-campus housing and reasonable living expenses for student-athletes, Mendocino College cancelled its football program. Within what seemed like seconds of Leapheart regaining his enthusiasm, his chance was shattered.

Leapheart received a call from home notifying him that one of his closest family members had been shot and died and that the shooter had not been located, amongst the frustration and sorrow that comes with that piece of awful news. Along with the grief and anguish of losing his uncle, he also discovered an enormous drive to pursue a career as an investigator by studying sociology.

Leapheart decided to carry on with the wishes of his family and pursued football after reuniting with his mother. They moved to Santa Rosa, California, a junior college 20 minutes away thanks to a stroke of good fortune that brought them together.

Leapheart, unfortunately, found himself in a situation that would be devastating for any athlete over the first few weeks of workouts. His knee just blew back when he sought to catch a ball and stepped too forcefully without bending his leg.

After another year of rehabilitation and MRIs, he finally got some time to himself to take care of himself and focus on his studies. Leapheart’s chances were still very much alive, though.

He made a comeback in the 2018 season and had a successful run. He finished his ten games with 37 tackles and four interceptions and received an associate’s degree in sociology.

Leapheart decided to transfer from the University of California to Eastern Kentucky University to join their Division I team, complete his sociology bachelor’s degree, and add a minor in criminal justice.

In addition to having two tremendously successful years at EKU, Leapheart also made some of his best lifelong friends there.

Leapheart participated in every game for two seasons in a row because of his new buddies and affinity for Luke Combs. He recorded 63 tackles and three interceptions in 21 games.

He still had plenty of time to play cornerback. Several schools pursued Leapheart after he entered the transfer portal, but none of them made him feel more than just a statistic—not even the coaching staff at GVSU.

Leapheart’s journey to GVSU has been filled with challenges, heartbreaks, and triumphs, but it is these experiences that have shaped him into the man the Lakers have chosen to join their team. Leapheart has already made three transfers, so his most recent move to GVSU has a little more significance for him and his teammates as he approaches graduation..

Leapheart desired a spectacular year filled with packed stadiums, game highlights, and a setting that would be worth everything he had to endure to get here.


Tributes to Allante Leapheart

Allante Leapheart’s death has raised anguish and sympathy due to the unanswered questions surrounding it. The unrestricted spread of speculative notions has caused people who closely follow the news to experience the emotional consequence more profoundly.

People have shown their compassion by sending condolences, sympathy, and sadness notes. The outpouring of sadness from friends and strangers on social media platforms shows the power of internet communities to come together at difficult times.

In this tremendously difficult time, EKU Football offers its prayers and thoughts to his family.

D Ante Thompson wrote: “I’m so hurt typing this man……RIP Allante Leapheart BKA Red 😢

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends.


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