Why did Josephine Tsang Sau-ho (Zeng Xiuhao) commit suicide?

Why did Josephine Tsang Sau-ho (Zeng Xiuhao) commit suicide

Hong Kong media quoted sources as saying that Josephine Tsang Sau-ho, a district councilor in Hong Kong was suspected of committing suicide by burning charcoal in his office. Let’s see Why did Josephine Tsang Sau-ho (Zeng Xiuhao) commit suicide? Cause of Death Explained.

According to reports from Hong Kong 01 and Dongwang.com, Peng Chau and Hei Ling Chau District Councillor Tsang Sau Ho committed suicide by burning charcoal. At 1:23 pm today (1st), the police received a report that a woman was in a coma from burning charcoal in the office on the ground floor of No. 58 Wing On Street, Peng Chau. The fire department received a report that a woman locked the house and broke into the house to find the victim lying down in the bathroom, apparently dead. It is understood that the deceased was Zeng Xiuhao (62 years old), a member of the Outlying Islands District. Police officers found burnt charcoal at the scene, but no suicide note was seized, and they are investigating the cause of the incident.


Who was Josephine Tsang Sau-ho (Zeng Xiuhao)?

Zeng Xiuhao was a Hong Kong District Council (Islands District) member who represented the Peng Chau and Hei Ling Chau constituencies. Tsang initially stood for District Council when the incumbent, Mr. On Hing-Ying, died in office on April 18, 2014. Ms. Tsang received 55.7 percent of the vote in the ensuing by-election and was lawfully elected on September 7, 2014. The next year, regular District Council elections were held, and Ms. Tsang ran unopposed.

Ms. Tsang also served as a representative of the Islands District on the Hong Kong Airport Authority’s Community Liaison Group for the implementation of the Third Runway.


Tsang Sau-ho (Zeng Xiuhao) Cause of Death

According to the website of the district council, the incident took place at the district councilor’s office, and Zeng Xiuhao reported that she was a security manager. It is understood that the deceased disclosed to his family about a year ago that she was troubled by financial debt problems. She drank tea with his family yesterday and claimed that he would play sparrows all night without going home. At about 1:23 pm today (1st), her husband called the police, and the deceased female was found dead in the office toilet, and she was confirmed dead on the spot.

She serves on various committees of the District Council, including the Community Affairs and Culture and Recreation Committee, the District Facilities Management Committee, and the Traffic and Transportation Committee. She is also the Vice-Chairman of the Environmental Hygiene and Climate Change Committee.

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