Why did DJ brownskin wife commit suicide? Video footage exposes Sharon Njeri Mwangi taking poison infront of the DJ

According to a leaked video, Dj Brownskin encouraged his wife, Sharon Njeri, on as she poisoned herself in July of last year while documenting the entire incident and recording her children’s unbelieving responses. Let’s see Why did DJ brownskin wife commit suicide in detail.

Why did DJ brownskin wife commit suicide?

As a result of filming his wife killing herself, well-known Kenyan music jockey DJ Brownskin is in trouble. Even though Brownskin’s wife passed away in July of last year, a horrifying video depicting the circumstances leading up to her passing has surfaced.

After she passed away, he posted heartfelt tributes to her on his social media profiles.

He mourned,

“Your death left a gaping hole in my life that I fill with the love we shared.”

He withheld the reason for her demise, nevertheless. Close friends said that Brownskin’s wife had no symptoms of depression.

According to rumors, Brown Skin’s wife was unable to endure the serial dater Dj’s rejection. She left two children behind.

It is now becoming clear that she killed herself while he watched.


Watch Video Here:

Last year, on July 29, Sharon Njeri Mwangi passed away. On August 6, she was laid to rest at her parent’s house in Koimbe Weithaga village, Murang’a County.

According to a video posted by blogger Edgar Obare on Saturday, April 1, Njeri’s last moments were supposedly captured by his fiancé, Michael Macharia Njiri (aka DJ Brownskin).

Njeri, wearing a baseball jacket and a tie-and-dye outfit in gold and blue, is shown carrying a cup into which she pours poison and then immediately begins to consume. She then starts to pace before collapsing onto a couch.

“Tell my kids I love them,” she mutters. “… nawapenda.”

She then informs her two children, Travis Njiri and Cherine Mumbi Arrian, that she is about to pass away. A: “Mimi na-die.”

While doing so, the person filming the video—we were unable to independently confirm that it was Dj Brownskin as claimed—captures every second and commands the domestic helper to get her a drink of milk.

The deejay contacted their housekeeper after she passed out and told her to give the woman milk.


Dj Brownskin and their two kids standing close to her grave in Murang’a.

Nevertheless, all attempts to save her life failed. In her spouse’s arms, she passed away.

Internet users have encouraged the DCI to detain the DJ.

About Njeri and Dj Brownskin:

The late Njeri and Dj Brownskin resided in Nairobi’s Kariobangi South Estate. She was Shawn Mwaura’s sister and was born on December 23, 1989, to Albert Mwangi and Irene Mumbi.

Dj Brownskin wrote a lengthy Facebook message on late Njeri’s birthday, December 23, last year, referring to her as his “greatest treasure.”

He wrote,

“I adore you with all I got. For this life I’m living, I’m gonna celebrate you day in day out. All the memories we created, they’ll be forever be part of me and I’m gonna treasure every single moments forever,…From earth and beyond, happy birthday love.”


Public Reactions:

Kenyans’ online rage has been sparked by the video.

Reporter Edgar tweeted,

Dj Brownskin only shows us where the wife takes the poison and dies. Since it doesn’t sit well with society, everyone now is cancelling DJ lightskin. We do not know what went on behind the scenes. I will always side with the boychild, he had a reason for doing that. Sometimes…

One wrote, “No matter the situation,Dj Brownskin could have saved the life of his wife for the sake of their children.”

Another wrote, “Dj Brownskin is so calm watching his wife die. Marriages are so fucked up”

Another one added, “Dj Brownskin and some men out here, “Let me record and watch the life choke out her so that the world can see I didn’t kill her”. The wife was/looks disturbed and depressed. I don’t understand how you can let your children grow up knowing their mother committed suicide.”


Suicide death rates:

According to Section 280 of the penal code,

“Any person who procures another to kill himself or counsels another to kill himself and thereby induces him to do so or aids another in killing himself is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for life.”

Over 800,000 individuals worldwide commit suicide each year, with low- and middle-income nations accounting for 78 per cent of these deaths.

Kenya is one of the 175 nations with the highest suicide rates, coming in at number 114. Due to poor health, psychosocial impairment, and early death, a task group on mental health determined that Kenya had a high burden of mental illness with significant gaps in access to care.



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