Who were Steve and Wendy Hawkins? What happened to the couple? Died on the same day, Explained


 Who were Steve and Wendy Hawkins? What happened to the couple? Died on the same day, Explained

Steve and Wendy Hawkins, a couple battling cancer, passed away on the same day. Let’s see the cancer couple Steve and Wendy Hawkins and What happened to the couple in detail.


What happened to the couple?

According to Yankton County EMS, a South Dakota EMS worker and his wife, who were both battling cancer, died on the same day.

The organization announced on Facebook that 58-year-old EMS Administrator Steve Hawkins passed away on Friday following a five-year battle with cancer. The same day, his wife Wendy, 52, also passed away from cancer after a brief struggle.

With profound sadness, we inform you that Yankton County EMS Administrator Steve Hawkins passed away on Friday, December 23rd, 2022 after battling cancer for nearly five years. He was 58.

Steve was hired as our administrator in June 2009. Before coming to Yankton, Steve was a Paramedic in Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park. He began his Paramedic career in San Diego, California.

In another sad turn of events, Steve’s wife, Wendy Hawkins, also passed away on the same day, Friday, December 23rd, 2022 at age 52 after a short battle with cancer. Wendy was a devoted wife and mother who stayed at home to raise their three children, Brad, Mandi, and Trent, who are now in their 20s. Brad and Trent are still living at home, while Mandi and her fiance live in Iowa.

A memorial service will be held in the future, near springtime, but no specific date has been set. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help cover funeral expenses. If you wish to donate, please follow this link: https://gofund.me/246027b1

Please keep Steve and Wendy’s children in your thoughts and prayers.

Who were Steve and Wendy Hawkins?

According to KELO, Wendy and Steve were both admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago. At the hospital, both passed away. As per Troy Cowman, the EMS’s deputy administrator, “it’s just a shock to the system.”EMS) is working through it with everyone here.”

He stated, “Steve was the kind of leader that ran the company the way it should be run. Three older children are left behind by the couple.

According to the division, Steve was employed as an administrator in 2009. He had previously worked as a paramedic, A memorial service, according to the county, will take place closer to the spring, though no definite date has been made. To assist with costs, a GoFundMe page has been established.

According to Troy Cowman, the EMS deputy administrator, Wendy Hawkins was admitted to the hospital more recently than Steve Hawkins, who was admitted a few weeks ago. Cowman reported that both passed away at the Yankton area hospital.

Cowman described the two fatalities as “simply a shock to the system.” “EMS is going through it together as a whole.” The three Hawkins children are among the EMS team’s top priorities as they cope with the loss, according to Cowman. The three children, who are all in their 20s, can expect support from the county EMS, which will also help with burial fees and their parents’ medical expenditures.


Hey everyone, this is Trenton Hawkins my parents both died of cancer on 12/23/22 within 12 hours of each other. This has been a very tragic experience and my family and I are trying to come up with the funds to pay for two funerals. They were wonderful parents and took very good care of their family and I am trying to take care of them. So every little bit helps thank you for your support.


The Hawkins family now has a GoFundMe account thanks to Yankton County EMS. Yankton County EMS reported that Hawkins had been serving as the administrator since 2009. Before moving to Yankton, he worked as a paramedic in Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park.

Steve was the kind of manager that operated the company ethically, according to Cowman. According to Cowman, Hawkins made sure that business activities followed the rules. Moreover, Hawkins also watched out for the workers.

He saw to it that the requirements of the staff were met, according to Cowman. Hawkins was a personable individual who led with an open-door policy. According to Cowman, EMS personnel would drop by the workplace to chat about either work-related or other subjects.

Wendy Hawkins, according to Cowman, was a supporter who put her family first. She is referred to as a loving wife and mother in the Facebook post.

People’s Condolences to the couple’s tragic death

Jamie Kay Costello

Heartfelt Condolences May we all take a moment of silence to pray for these three adult children that lost their parents on the same day. Let us pray for God to send them comfort and love through friends and family during this very sad difficult time. God Be with you

Charlene R. Tjeerdsma

Thoughts and prayers go out to their children and the rest of their families and friends. Steve was a great EMT instructor and friend. My heart is broken by this sad news, you will never be forgotten, Steve. You always said your wife was your rock through your cancer and now you both can be a rock together in a better place. 

Marleah Lehman

This is so sad, I worked a lot of traumas with Steve, and he also taught a great EKG class. Held Wendy’s hand while giving nebulizer treatments to one of the kids. My thoughts and prayers to the family

Shari Gustad

My heart aches for this family. I know the heartache of losing both parents at the same time. We will keep these kids in our prayers This is so very sad No words.

Carrie Danielson

Oh my, how sad to lose other parents at the same time. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family in a difficult time like this. May God wrap his loving arms around their children and help them cope with the loss of their parents at once.

Dani Jo Bierwagen

I pray that God will comfort their family in this time of terrible loss. May the sure and certain promise of Christ that He will not leave us orphaned give you hope for life eternal.

Kori Clarambeau

Yes, It is sad that the kids lost both parents on the same day. I also see it as an unbreakable True Love between two people!!!! I don’t think enough of us have ever received that!!


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