Who were Leo Li, Tiffany Li and Daniel Li? Found dead in Surrey, B.C. home, What happened to the family members?


Who were Leo Li, Tiffany Li and Daniel Li? Found dead in Surrey, B.C. home, What happened to the family members?

In Surrey, British Columbia, a family was found dead. According to a neighbor, they were “content with their life.” Let’s see Who were Leo Li, Tiffany Li, and Daniel Li and what happened to them in detail.

What happened to the family members?

The outraged neighbors of the three family members who were discovered dead inside their Surrey, British Columbia, home this week claim that they conducted a teaching business together.

Leo Li and Tiffany Zhen, a couple who immigrated from China 20 years ago and reared a son in the Lower Mainland, have been identified as two of the deceased. Husband and wife Leo Li and Tiffany Li and their adult son Daniel Li died in a murder-suicide.

The entire family tutored several courses out of a home company created by Zhen, according to Jean Zhou, a friend, and neighbor who had worked with Li. Zhou also noted that the family appeared to have close ties with one another.

Neighbors statement

They were a “very, very good family,” Zhou told the media Tuesday as he stood outside the home. They were content with their lives, they said.

According to their neighbor, Li and Zhen both attended Peking University and majored in physics and French, respectively. After relocating to British Columbia, they originally obtained work at Future Shop and Sears, but gradually they were able to support themselves by instructing nearby children from Fraser Heights Secondary.

Chinese families all send their children to their homes, according to Zhou. The son of the couple returned home to tutor them after leaving for college and earning his degree in English, according to Zhou.

Homicide Investigation

On Monday, just after noon, police were called to their house on 112 Avenue, where they discovered three bodies. When officers arrived at the house, there was nobody else present, and according to the authorities, there is no longer a threat to the public’s safety.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team’s Sgt. Timothy Pierotti stated in a statement on Tuesday that “preliminary information suggests there is no outstanding suspect, while we are not ruling out any investigation scenario.” Residents in the neighborhood were startled by the deaths, and many who knew the family was left wondering what happened.

Nothing “negative” happened

Tuesday’s statement from Pierotti claimed that none of the residents had any prior “bad” interactions with the police. “Domestic violence or anything to that effect was not a history at that residence,” he claimed.

According to police, there is no persistent risk to the general population. Pierotti stated, “We know that this kind of behavior may affect an entire community. “This will have an impact on a lot of people.”

IHIT stated that as they try to figure out what happened, investigators would comb the region all day Tuesday. Anyone with information on the event is urged to call IHIT at 1-877-551-4448, according to the authorities.



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